| 21 Feb 2024
Acoosta's Co-founder and CEO Dinkar Pathak on the making of Acoosta Uno

MUMBAI: In a market where there is a clutter of tech products, Acoosta Uno by Acoosta Innovations, shows promise. The world’s first high fidelity music system with the largest variety of built-in music powered by Sony DADC, is a product developed by the thought of mentee Dinkar Pathak and experience of mentor Neeraj Sethi. Sethi comes with a rich background of working with giants like Philips and Samsung and has been instrumental in bringing the LCD technology to India.

“I have worked with Neeraj long ago, but we stayed in touch. I used to come to him with many ideas and every time he would ask to come back with same enthusiasm for the idea three months later. He was right as most of the ideas; I thought of, would fizzle out soon. However, Acoosta Uno took the progress route.”

Dinkar elaborates, “The research for this product took 18 months. We realised that music lovers can be classified into two sections - the casual and the enthusiastic class. Therefore, the content was to be researched accordingly. The casual ones are those, who have the gym playlist loaded, but rarely use it. They are also the non-payers for subscription of any streaming apps.  These were some of the major insights of our research.”

He further says, “If you go on any e-commerce site and search for Bluetooth speakers, there are nothing less than 1800 variants to choose from. How does a consumer choose? There is certainly a lot of clutter. Therefore, our main focus brought forward a product that is unique.”

This is how Acoosta UNO was developed. The salient features of this product make it unique. The sound quality of Acoosta UNO is phenomenal, as it does not distort or boom. With most of the acoustic products need compatibility with external devices or WiFi, Acoosta Device is an exception. While, a USB or hard drive can be attached, but the pre-loaded content of over 14,000 songs spread across 50 genres is a major highlight. An in-built Karaoke system can make any layman sound like a pro singer.

Arriving at the crucial time of festivals, Acoosta Uno makes a unique gifting item to a near and dear one.