| 25 Jun 2024
Snoop Dogg files lawsuit against beer maker Pabst Brewing Company

MUMBAI: Snoop Dogg has filed a lawsuit against Pabst Brewing Company, alleging that the beer maker has yet to pay him after the company and its beer line was sold last year. According to reports, the rapper filed a complaint in a Los Angeles court on Monday under his legal name- Calvin Broadus Jr., and is said to be seeking 10 per cent of the net sales that Pabst earned through the sale of its Colt 45 malt beer line.

In 2011, the ‘Drop it Like It’s Hot’ hitmaker signed a three year deal to endorse the Blast by Colt 45 beer line. The deal included the rapper making appearance at Blast events, playing at concerts hosted by the brewer and DJing Pabst Blue Ribbon parties. As part of the contract, the rapper was to receive part of the brand’s sale if Pabst sold it before January 2016.

While Pabst was sold to a group of investors in November last year, no purchase price was announced for the brewing company. However, reports state that Dogg’s lawyer- Alex Weingarten, has estimated the sale of the beer company to be $700 million, in the lawsuit filed.

The 43-year old rapper was paid $250,000 as part of the contract, and an additional $20,000 for each 10th time he mentioned the beer on TV, during a concert or on social media.

In a statement, Pabst Brewing Company, which has also made beers like Schlitz and Old Milwaukee, has revealed that the company has not been contacted by the rapper or his representatives regarding the claims.