| 20 Apr 2024
Play MPE hires director of product management, continues team expansion

MUMBAI: Vancouver-based Play MPE is announcing that Faina Shpund is joining the forward-thinking music promotion and distribution platform as director of product management.  

Shpund comes to Play MPE from Potent Systems, where she led the team to develop iOS apps. A graduate of Simon Fraser University's Beedie School of Business in Management of Technology, Faina brings years of project management experience to Play MPE from notable companies such as Electronic Arts.

Shpund will lead product initiatives to provide new solutions to Play MPE’s network. Her knowledge will prove invaluable in continuing to increase the company's global presence through the continual development of innovative product solutions to address digital delivery challenges faced by the industry.

Shpund is part of a team expansion that includes several other notable hires. David Gurtina -who played in an alt-rock band for 12 years, got a degree in audio engineering and honed his sales skills at luxury brands - is Play MPE’s first inside sales representative, a newly-created role to meet the company’s increased business. 

Sean Cockle (junior music distribution and support coordinator, another new position) and Stella Peng (junior accountant) have also recently joined the fast-growing company. 

"It's an exciting opportunity to join the team as the company furthers its expansion into new territories," shares Shpund. 

He further shares, "Play MPE has established themselves as the industry-leading music promotion and delivery service. As the director of product management, I have a vested interest in offering greater value to our customers by bringing to market features that will continue to improve the efficacy and efficiency of promotional content reaching global recipients."