| 18 Apr 2024
PlanetRadiocity grew by 110 per cent this year as compared to last fiscal

MUMBAI: Online platform for Radio City- PlanetRadiocity today has 11 web radio stations catering to many music genres and specific regions. However, they are still looking to add more web stations, and while doing so, PlanetRadiocity is also focussing on their mobile app. The new app, which will be revealed later this year, will feature more elements as compared to the existing one.

Speaking with Radioandmusic, Radio City new business and digital business head and SVP Rachna Kanwar said, "The growth has been tremendous in the last two years. We started with one web radio station in 2010 and today we have 11 stations spread across different genres of music. Each station is doing pretty well in terms of listenership numbers and we plan to launch more stations by this year-end. Apart from that, we have been focussing on our Mobile app - PlanetRadiocity. The current year will see expansion of our offering on that too."

Every month, PlanetRadiocity has around five million users streaming all their stations from around the globe. "In terms of numbers, we have grown at 110 per cent from 2012-13 to 2013-14. We would be looking at a similar growth percentage this year too," added Kanwar.

There will be no stopping at just 11 stations. Kanwar cleared the air by saying that they plan to keep the expansion going at a steady pace and by the end of this year they will be offering many more genre specific and regional web radio stations. "The idea is to provide a wide variety of choice to listeners." The licensing costs are the biggest chunk of their overall costs which is quite substantial. The web stations include Fun ka Antenna, Freedom, Indipop, Hindi, International, Love, Dance, Classics, Smaran, Tamil and Malayalam.

Their online stations have the flavours of their on-air radio stations. Kanwar stressed, "Online radio stations like Radio City Hindi and Radio City Tamil carry the flavour of the terrestrial FM stations. We extend our flagship properties like ‘Love Guru’ and ‘Babbar Sher’ on web Radio. The brand Radio City has been very active on the digital platform. All our big properties like Radiocity Gully Premier League and Radiocity Super Singer have extensions online."

Radio City, like many traditional mediums, takes pride in their digital presence on networking sites. Kanwar said, "We use our own medium, i.e. Radio extensively. We thrive on social media marketing to drive page views and listenership. Today six per cent of page views for comes via social media. The interactivity ratio for PlanetRadiocity FB page is a whopping 12 per cent, way ahead of any other music website in India. In the last one year PlanetRadiocity’s Twitter page has trended 24 times. We also do a lot of integration with brands and provide them with complete digital solutions."

Kanwar also hinted that this year they are eyeing partnerships with music festivals and live events.