| 19 Jun 2024
Digital Radio Mondiale delivers at IBC 2017

MUMBAI: Participants in the four DRM events organised at IBC by Gospell, Thomson Broadcast, Nautel and Ampegon between 15 September to 17 September have had an insight into a wide range of DRM activities, from big projects in Morocco, India and Hungary, to the progress of DRM in South Africa. And DRM used not just for broadcasting but for other vital activities was demonstrated by Rfmondial involved in a wide ranging application for the US Coast Guard.

One constant for all events, each unique and so different from the other, was the positive messages about DRM in both AM and VHF and the increasing availability of new receiver and receiver solutions, many always on display. The first event on 15 September saw the launch of GR-227 the multi standard (DRM/DAB/DAB+) car adaptor that is compatible with any car stereo with USB port and able to work with Android smart tune app. As the manufacturer explained, this after market solution can be a significant development allowing digital reception in cars initially fitted with analogue receivers.

Of equal major interest was also the Titus II multi standard digital radio receiver produced by Titus SDR, a division of PantronX. The consumer software defined radio digital receiver platform, which is the result of collaboration between Titus SDR and Patron X, Jasmin Infotech, TWR, and Fraunhofer IIS, supports multistandard radio reception, including DRMp, DAB and DAB+ and core data applications. The representatives of PantronX and TWR received lots of questions about this receiver system based on a custom Android tablet platform, featuring multi point touch, WiFi with Bluetooth and stereo sound.

Other receiver possibilities like the tablet solution presented by Fraunhofer IIS, the Indian receiver Avion, and a new concept DRM receiver produced in South Africa all enforced the idea that the excellent work done by transmitter companies like Thomson Broadcast, Nautel and Ampegon in providing a digital transmitter infrastructure in many parts of the world can link now with the innovative receiver solutions.