| 19 Jun 2024
Sonu Nigam and Suresh Wadkar launch 'Indian Karaoke League' contest

MUMBAI: Musiqui app recently launched the 'Indian Karaoke League', an online digital platform for aspiring singers to showcase their singing talent to the world. The league will be a competition open to all who want to participate, through the use of the app. Present at the launch were singing stalwarts like Suresh Wadkar and Sonu Nigam, who are also mentors for the competition's participants.

"Today 99 per cent of the singers use auto tuners and we are already facing stiff competition, and to provide more competition to our competition we thought of something like this. When professional singers can benefit from auto tuning, then why not a lay man?," jested Nigam.

The competition will be divided into four parts: school, college, amateur and professionals. “The time frame devoted for each of these segments is two months. Each contestant, relevant to the category, can log on to the app and find out more details about the judges and find out other kinds of details related to the competition. Also, he or she can ask family members and friends to vote,” informed IKL ceo and co founder, Sanjay Chitale.

When asked how candidates will be selected since everyone would sound good with the help of auto tuners, Nigam said, “There are people who sound bad despite the help of technology, so it is not that difficult.”

The app will also allow users to video record themselves while singing through its camera feature. The video can then be uploaded on the Indian Karaoke League digital platform in order to participate in the competition.  The winners will be decided by Suresh Wadkar, Sonu Nigam, Shameer Tandon, Mala Sekhri and Sanjay Chitale.

To avoid legal complications, the IKL has tied up with Universal Music and Music Today, and are in talks with some other label companies as well. 

The contest will be announced in the next 30 days.