| 17 Apr 2024
Fever inches up in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore

MUMBAI: While the RAM statistics for week 42 did not indicate significant changes in the trend, HT Media's Fever has been registering a slow but steady growth in the three metros of Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. In Kolkata, however, the station which recently saw the resignation of station head Pralay Bakshi, continues to lag behind Mirchi, Big, Friends, Aamar and Red FM.

Bangalore: Big FM has maintained its lead with a market share of 19.7 per cent, over Mirchi which had to contend with a share of 17.5 per cent. Fever came close with a share of 15.3 per cent, and All India Radio's FM Rainbow channel took fourth place with a share of 11.7 per cent. Radio City came a close fifth with a share of 11.6 per cent. Radio One, Red FM followed.

Delhi: In the capital, Radio Mirchi kept its strong lead up with a share of 25.5 per cent, followed by Fever FM, which took home  a share of 18.7 per cent. AIR's FM Gold was third with a share of 16.7 per cent, while Red FM contended with a share of 10.3 per cent. Radio City, Big FM and Radio One followed, in that order.

Kolkata: Mirchi stayed ahead of Big FM with a share of 19.8 per cent, while Big FM managed a share of 16.9 per cent. Friends consolidated its third position with a share of 14.6 per cent, and Aamar took fourth place with a share of 11 per cent. Red FM had a share of 7.4 per cent, while Fever had a share of 6.7 per cent of the market.

Mumbai: Mirchi's hold over Mumbai continued in week 42 with a share of 18.7 per cent, way ahead of Red FM that had a share of 14.2 per cent. Fever came in third with a share of 12.8 per cent, marginally ahead of Radio City that had a share of 12.7 per cent. Big FM with a share of 12 per cent of the market was just ahead of AIR FM Gold which had a share of 11.8 per cent.

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