| 28 Feb 2024
Hungama launches PRO service for its native app

MUMBAI: Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd has taken one step further towards innovation as the company has announced the launch of its PRO service for the flagship Hungama mobile app.

PRO will be available for iOS and android users, and will enable consumers to save their music and videos which can be played without an internet connection anywhere, anytime, in turn saving data costs.

The service also distinguishes itself by being the only app which has integrated audio and video streaming and download together. Consumers can subscribe to the PRO service either via Google Wallet, at a flat fee of Rs. 110 per month or subscribe to customised packages for a day, week or month using the operator billing option.

In the press release issued by the company, Hungama Digital, Chief Operating Officer (Consumer Business & Allied Services) Siddhartha Roy said, "It is a known fact that as Indian audiences we don't just listen to our music but we watch it as well. It's this specific gap, which has prompted us to rollout the Hungama music service that has both audio and video offering for our consumers."

Roy also said that for over a decade and a half, the company has been a pioneer in the digital music industry, and based on their understanding have found consumers a solution that does not require them to be dependent on internet connectivity.