| 20 Apr 2024
New 'Lisn' app lets you listen to songs with friends in real time

MUMBAI: A new music streaming app that provides users with a collaborative music streaming and listening experience in real-time has just debuted in the Indian market.

Currently, the app - 'Lisn' - has integrated Spotify and Soundcloud to let users pick a song, and when two users are online, listen to synced music together and build a playlist of recommendations in the process.

"It’s like sharing earphones,” the startup’s website proclaims and indeed, it does seem like the modern-day version of handing one of your earbuds to a friend.

The startup is currently working remotely, with the team spread across Bengaluru and Delhi. Lisn initially started out as a side-project during a hackathon in October 2015. Over the course of 24 hours, they hacked together a build that ran on two phones at a time, could send music from Spotify and Soundcloud, and chat about it. Though it was not perfect, it let users experience the core experience of listening to music together, even if they were in separate rooms and discussing it over chat.

Lisn sees their highly engaged users streaming music on the platform for one to two hours every day, with the US, India, Spain and Mexico being their top four markets right now.