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MUMBAI: Daler Mehndi has delivered a new patriotic song â€?Hara Shwet Kesariya,' in the forthcoming movie â€?Gandhi to Hitler.'

The song has also been recorded in a Dhol version with Daler Mehndi solo, he has earlier sang some hit patriotic songs like Rang De Basanti and Jaago India for Mission statement movement.

Gandhi to Hitler is a multi-lingual Indian film based on the letters by Mahatma Gandhi to Nazi party leader, Adolf Hitler. The film stars Raghubir Yadav playing Adolf Hitler and Neha Dhupia as his lady-love, Eva Braun. The movie is directed by debutant Rakesh Ranjan Kumar. The film shows the conflict of ideologies of two of the world's most talked about personalities of the era, Adolf Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi.

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