| 28 Feb 2021
BMG China partners with China's Giant Jump for global rights management

MUMBAI: Music Company BMG China has announced a major deal with Chinese music and entertainment company Giant Jump. It will allow BMG to manage the independent music company's recording and music publishing rights, both domestically and internationally.

BMG entered the Chinese market earlier this year, with a plan to offer its music rights management platform and to make content of Chinese artistes and rights owners available internationally. This partnership will allow BMG to represent the album ‘Nothing Gonna Stop us to Love' of the legendary Chinese duo Yu Quan, globally. This is the duo's tenth album in a career that spans over 15 years. The digital album was promoted in a series of ways like embedding it into hardware and merchandise products, including Bluetooth loud speakers and headphones, cosmetics, a battery charger, branded wines and even oranges. Other artistes signed under them include Yun Hao, Jianxiang Huang, Xiang Li, Nic Li and many other renowned artistes.

BMG Greater China chief investment officer Dora Yi said, "Giant Jump is a leading Chinese music company with strong entrepreneurship and clear strategic vision, making it an ideal partner for BMG. We look forward to working with them, developing new business models and delivering the value Chinese artists and rights owners deserve."

Founder of Giant Jump and one half of Yu Quan, Haiquan Hu said, "It is my great honour to partner with BMG. I believe Giant Jump will definitely enter into a new chapter with BMG's international platform, know-how in music rights management and its unique position in China."

Giant Jump also engages in artiste management and live performance activities. The company is termed as a "very competitive player in the market".