| 30 Nov 2022
At SpotlampE we are looking forward to releasing regional music: SpotlampE's Chief Content & OperatingOfficer Rajitta Hemwani

MUMBAI: SpotlampE, 9X Media’s property that heavily promotes non-film music has gained humongous popularity serving musical talents who can sing and/or compose original music that appeals to a larger section of the millennial population.

Launched in 2018, SpotlampE aims at producing and distributing original tracks moving beyond film based song compositions and providing artists the scale and the reach that their talent merits.

SpotlampE does give a push to indie musicians, moreover, the property aims at promoting nonfilm music. In that sense how far has SpotlampE reached? SpotlampE's Chief Content & Operating Officer, Rajitta Hemwani elaborates on this, “We launched over 10-15 tracks in 12 months and have double more in the pipeline. I am happy about the response SpotlampE has gained and I feel this is a brilliant time to bring the indie music back and will surely keep up on this mission.”

9X Media is the only music television network to have a unique business vertical called SpotlampE. “The whole concept of this property was to fabricate a label that showcases known and established talent considering all age groups. We also focused on doing commercial tracks, like we released Bappa Re in association with Shankar Mahadevan, Daler Mehndi, Mika Singh, etc. Creating original content for the last few months on SpotlampE has worked for us. When I say commercial I do not mean just ‘film’ music as today even films are experimenting with original tracks,” added Rajitta on what’s working for SpotlampE.

Now with the increase in a number of platforms and good talent that’s prevalent, Rajitta feels that ‘good music is the key and believes to go with her gut instant on ‘having faith in the musician and the song’.

Exceptional talent at SpotlampE is nurtured and promoted across all of 9X Media’s TV channels and digital platforms.

In a further approach, SpotlampE has planned to expand its horizons, “We would experiment with different genres of music.  We are open to releasing regional music and giving it a national twist by launching it on our network.”

 Rajitta concludes by sharing her vision, “I want to make this canvas of spotlampE completely vast and approachable.”

Currently, SpotlampE is working with talent across the field of singing, composing, DJing from India and also from the UK, Canada, Dubai, and the USA. In a short period, they have associated with many new and established artists from the music industry. From singer Neha Pandey to Mika Singh, International rapper Shaggy, Salim-Suleiman, Shankar Mahadevan and Daler Mehndi, SpotlampE has partnered with many singers.