| 20 Jan 2021
Gaana bets big on 'voice', launches Voice Assistant in Gaana App

MUMBAI: Gaana, India's favorite music app, has taken a lead to bring Voice Assistant on the Gaana app interface. The feature, which was in the beta stage for the last three months, has now been released into the entire user base on android devices by Gaana post the overwhelming success received. The feature is yet-to-be-released for the iOS version.

The Voice Assistant feature will enable users to play their favorite songs using Voice as a primary action medium. Gaana already supports 13 languages. Users can now stream songs by saying - Play Channa Mereya, play songs from their favorite artist by saying - play Arijit’s songs, or choose songs to suit their mood by saying -play romantic songs, etc.

Speaking on the occasion, Gaana CEO Prashan Agarwal, said, “We believe Voice to be the next frontier in technology evolution and want to bring the convenience of Voice assistant to our users. Now a user can use his Voice to play songs of his choice on Gaana. This is also a critical feature as the next 100 million customers coming on the internet will be from rural India and will use voice as their primary tool to navigate interfaces. This is in line with our philosophy to bring the latest innovation to the Indian customer.”

Besides, Gaana had also recently announced its integration on all Google Home devices. The idea is to make user’s music listening experience on Gaana, while being at their homes, better. This is achieved by increasing convenience and ambient outreach - through streaming on Chromecast or Android TV. Both Google and Gaana have tapped in to their pragmatic market experience and technological expertise to make the experience and the joy of listening as seamless as possible.

Gaana is available on Android, iOS and Web and has more than 60 million monthly active users. It has continuously made its services synonymous to technological prowess and proliferation.