| 09 Jul 2020
China's music industry Taihe Music Group and Baidu Music merge

MUMBAI: Taihe Music Group (TMG) announced on 3 December, formally, that the entire company will join forces with the music platform of Baidu. The merger will build a borderless, industry and cross-platform music service that represents the next stage in the evolution of fashion, such as Chinese listeners consume music. The merger comes just after the merger of Taihe Rye Music, Ocean Butterflies Music and Touch Music Publishing, which resulted in the creation of the music provider.

As the only supplier of the five largest markets for Chinese pop music, or C-Pop, operated, TMG owns the copyright to 700,000 redemptive effective songs. TMG has long-term collaborative agreements with more than 100 stores within China and also in many countries around the world, including copyright licensees, Music Talent agencies, entertainment marketers and Konzertimpresarios. The music provider is now the largest real estate agency for C-Pop world, after he quickly amassed a 50 percent share of the Chinese music market.

Baidu Music, one of the world's largest search platforms for Chinese music, its brand and services will not change after the merger with TMG. Baidu Music is its user base and online music products and its ability to analyze large amounts of data, leverage to support the new unit effective.

TMG CEO Qian Shimu said that the merger with Baidu Music is a significant breakthrough in terms of a pattern example of collaboration between a traditional actor and an Internet giant. The basis of the partnership based on the strength and reputation of Taihe in the music industry. The decision of the content provider, to merge with the giant music platform aims to integrate the upstream and downstream resources of the music industry to build a transparent service platform that provides the copyright and the artist at the center; thus a fuller bloom music ecosystem is created that combines a plethora of content and more platform-partners under one roof.

TMG intends to focus on continuing to expand the Music Library and other aspects of the business diversifying to add value to the entire music industry, to search for the right combination, the business value is maximized without the value of music and the pleasure for the listener decrease, and ultimately to provide the creative music artists even more reason to contribute to this exciting and growing industry.