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News |  27 May 2022 17:23 |  By RnMTeam

Powerhouse vocalist Vasundhara Vee, makes her Bollywood playback debut with the anthemic title track of the Kangana Ranaut starrer Dhaakad

MUMBAI: One of the finest blues, jazz & soul singers in the country, Vasundhara Vee makes her film OST debut as the voice of new thriller film Dhaakad’s title track. Vasundhara’s strong Soul style vocals to the Hindi lyrics of the song compliment the international look & feel of the Kangana Ranaut, Arjun Rampal starrer, making it (arguably) at par with a global OST feature. As an indie loyalist, Vasundhara found an appropriate space and function for her vocal identity within the Bollywood arena, on her own terms in a track that celebrates feminine resilience.

After her inspiring video single of last year titled Run, Vasundhara is back with the news of her first inning as a Hindi film Industry playback for the title track of the Kangana Ranaut-Arjun Rampal starrer Dhaakad’s pivotal title track.“The emotive landscape of the song hit home for me. Everything I sing is about self-love, inner strength, coping, finding personal authenticity and Dhaakad does all of that. Even though I was stepping out of my comfort zone, the emotive content was very ME,” says Vasundhara.

The song comes at a point in the film where the protagonist Agni reaches rock bottom, she is broken and this song is her inner voice asking her to ‘get up’... to remember who she is and to go back into life with vigour and new resolve.

Vasundhara felt the emotive landscape of the song hit close to home for her cinematic debut, as she found an appropriate space and function for her vocal identity within the Bollywood arena. Vasundhara’s venture into singing for a Bollywood OST on her own terms is a testament to her grit and commitment to her own style of singing as well as her musical identity.

One of the finest voices to command awe & respect in the western music circles of the country, Vasundhara brings her jazz and soul gusto with an Indian sensibility to the Dhaakad title track which has been receiving favourable acclaim from critics. Dhaaakad’s title track has been Composed, Arranged and Produced by Dhruv Ghanekar (who Vasundhara has often worked with) to the lyrics of Ishitta Arun.

The Mumbai-based artist has been among few celebrated powerhouse vocalists synonymous with the revival of RnB, Soul and Jazz in live circuits and also bringing the time-tested genres back to the playlists of today’s youth in the country. Vasundhara, who is also a renowned Voice Optimisation Coach has also written a book titled Big Dreams, Bold Choices - Handbook for emerging professional musicians in India, to help young professionals create a durable foundation for their music careers.