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Interviews |  08 Aug 2019 15:58 |  By Hemali Gandhi

Every artist has their own style, every DJ is different: DJ Sway

Meet DJ Sway, a complete clubbing soul with an unending zeal for music. Capturing hearts not only nationally but also on an international level, she has managed to become the instant favourite of anyone who comes across her music. You should turn to her for freshest and finest sounds from diverse realms of music. Sway sways and slays with her unique style. Here are a few of her very interesting revelations, we came across in an exclusive interview with the artist.

How did the thought of becoming a DJ enter your head? When did you start DJing?

I started my career as a DJ in 2013. Music has always been my soul searcher, it brings me closer to my own self. I believe that one should always follow their passion, and mine has always been music.

Could you share about your first time as a DJ?

My first gig was really great because I was doing an opening set for Sean Tyas – an International DJ/producer. I was very nervous that day because the venue was packed with people. However, people eventually started enjoying my set. Sean Tyas appreciated my work later, and this boosted my confidence.

Which is your favourite genre of music? Do you play that genre more often than others?

I am open to every genre because my music is venue- dependent. But if I really have to choose one, it would be ‘Techno Underground Music’. I don’t get the chance to play that genre more often in India because the audience likes Bollywood and commercial ones better.

What do you think makes you different from other DJs?

I believe every artist has their own style, every DJ is different from one another. My speciality is that I try to reach the audience. I’m extremely energetic while I’m DJing - I dance, jump and move around. I love every moment of it, I love reading the crowd and creating the right atmosphere, lift their spirits, make people dance on my tunes and thus make them happy. DJing for me is a truly unique feeling, I get ‘zoned out’ in a way, but it is worth it at the end.

How has your international DJing experiences been?

All of my international experiences have been pretty amazing. I have always received positive responses and love.

Any funny story of your career life that you wish to share with us?

As DJs, we always get to meet different kind of people enjoying the night life. I can’t really share those details. However, the funniest things happen when we receive requests from the crowd. They sometimes don’t even realize, which song they are requesting for.

Who has been the biggest support and inspiration for your achievements?

I have been inspired by countless artists. The support of my family and friends also play a major role, both on my personal and professional front.

What are your views about media? Do you think it covers DJs in the way they cover Bollywood music?

The media gives what their readers and viewers want. With the trending stories in the media that are ongoing today with regards to Bollywood and all the gossip that is involved, there is less potential for DJs being featured. However, there are some DJs who have made a mark and made breakthroughs for cover pages and centrespread stories as well, at both national and international levels.

What is the scope for DJs today when compared to the earlier times?

If you’re really serious about becoming a DJ, then there’s a good scope.  There are several clubs, music festivals and opportunities like these. The number of female DJs is also increasing, which is great to see.

Do you think that patriarchy has its impact on your professional field as well?

When you are new to this industry, people underestimate the ability of a female DJ, they mostly think that a female DJ might not know how to mix music, club owners usually call for only male DJs. However, women have proved their abilities in this field as well. We faced the above mentioned problems earlier, but now the industry is very welcoming towards female DJs as well.

What message do you want to give to the upcoming DJs of our country?

I advice to keep on practicing, to be open to every type of music at the beginning, take this up for the love of music you have in you, not to be phased by rejection and be open to criticism. Another important thing is to stay humble and respecting fellow DJs ; it is not enough to just play well!