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Interviews |  27 Jul 2019 14:03 |  By RnMTeam

Gaurav Sharma calls music 'meditation' wants to playback for Shah Rukh Khan

A well known versatile singer, actor, a composer with an experience of over ten years in the industry, Gaurav Sharma is also a Radio Jockey at All India Radio with his own exclusive celebrity talk show. From working with Bollywood actors in romantic albums to being a brand ambassador, he has been everyone's first choice. 

Apart from singing and doing a whole bunch of TV ads, Gaurav showcased his acting skills along with Ms. United Nations 2018, Shyna Sunsara and budding talent Tarun Sharma in this soulful romantic album with Zee Music Company. 

To know more about this all-rounder we spoke to Sharma and got some insights on the same. 

You are a singer, actor, composer, director and RJ, how do you manage to balance all these roles?

It’s all because I kept experimenting new stuff and grabbed every opportunity that came my way, be it acting or RJing. Everything goes hand-in-hand, New compositions pave a way for singing and further goes to acting and directing videos. Being an RJ is another perfect way to stay connected to music as well as Bollywood.

When did the bug of singing bite you?

I started learning vocals when I was six years old and realized that music is my cup of tea. I took professional training to take it up as my career. Along with singing, I started experimenting with it and composed tons of music. That’s how it all gets connected. Music is like meditation and helps me grow personally as well as professionally.

 How did these roles help in building your personality?

With every project, I take up a new role in its making, sometimes it’s acting, directing and hence learn new skills to be a better performer, enhancing my existing skills. Talking about RJing, that’s also an integral part of me. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to deal with failures and keep working continuously to bring out the best. This is what I have built-in myself over all these years.

What has challenged you the most in your career?

The most challenging thing has been to bring out new stuff for the audience. New music, new stories that audience will appreciate and love my albums, which are of different genres, so, that’s a bit challenging.

Can you name some major influences in your life?

Versatility is very important. My inspiration comes from gems like Kishore Da and Shahrukh Khan. Kishore Da has sung different kinds of songs. Shahrukh has played so many different roles with so much grace and they truly owned it. It’s all the hard work that pays off and seeing such people and their stories influence me. I wish to playback for Shahrukh Khan one day.

 What are the motivational mantras that you follow?

Never opt for short cuts, no matter how hard the right path seems. Always walk on that and you will get the results. Be patient and don’t be greedy.

Your versatility is an inspiration, what is that one message you would convey to the ones who want to pursue RJing, music, acting?

Little knowledge is a dangerous thing, Learn and practice to achieve perfection. Seek knowledge, there is always an opportunity to learn from your surroundings and that’s the only key to success. Don’t give up if any hurdle comes, believe in the power of your knowledge and keep walking

Can you shed some light on your upcoming projects?

I will be coming up with new music and there is much more apart from that too, will announce soon.