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News |  09 Jul 2013 15:02 |  By RnMTeam

No question of selling out yet': Papon

MUMBAI: Selling out one’s musical beliefs and talent for quick fame or success is an anathema for many musicians. The music industry though seems to have contrived ever so often to test everyone- singer, composer, musician- on their grounding and values as artist. Very few manage to balance their careers creating (often) music for the glamorous, money-driven Bollywood and satisfying their natural creativity as independent artists.

Hailing from the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra is one of the industry’s new wunderkinds- singer, composer and record producer from Assam, Papon has made the right moves since announcing his arrival with his band- Papon and the East India Company. He is one of the handful of artists in the music industry among the new breed who is respected as a film music director/ composer and indie artist. Apart from film projects, he spends his time creating new music. Currently recording for Season Three of MTV Coke Studio, a platform which he knows well, Papon, shares his views and experiences

“I didn’t have too much trouble settling into Bombay’s music industry. I came in the industry when everything was opening and new styles and genres of music were being tried out. Platforms like MTV Coke Studio also helped in promoting my music and other styles,” he said.

Besides fortunate timing, Papon has the musical chops to adapt to different styles of music. Trained in Indian Classical Music, devotional and folk music, and also multi-instrumentalist, he is pretty much geared to take up any musical challenge.

A fistful of Bollywood film music assignments which he has been involved in- ‘Dum Maro Dum’ (2011), ‘Barfi’ (2012) to ‘Issaq’ and ‘Inkaar’ (2013) - has been both a learning and fruitful experience.

“Film is a visual medium and when composing for film music, you have to keep in mind that it’s a visual driven music and assign it accordingly. But because of my (musical) background, I am finding film music not challenging but interesting.”

With strong musical roots and having a band, does he have the fear of ‘selling out’ to the film music industry?

“The question of selling out has not arisen yet. I haven’t picked up too many assignments till now and my projects have all been different. And all my music directors have liked what I did- it’s about understanding what is required.”

He also doesn’t follow a set pattern when composing his material. Inspiration or motivation can spring from a beat, a melody, lyrics or a situation.

“Platforms like Coke Studio and increasing experimentation in films are getting the two categories together. And with shows like Coke Studio increasingly going mainstream, audiences can be exposed (more) to new music than they are used to listen to on TV.  ”