| 06 Feb 2023
RAM Week 22-23: Fever FM rules Mumbai and Delhi

MUMBAI: In RAM week 22 and 23, Fever FM 104 continued to top the charts in both Mumbai and Delhi. It sustained the position with a T.S.L. of 6.47 in Mumbai and 4.36 T.S.L. in Delhi for week 22 and 6.25 T.S.L. in Mumbai and 4.5 T.S.L. in Delhi for week 23. The share per cent of Fever FM 104 saw a decrease from 16.2 per cent (week 22) to 15.6 per cent (week 23) in Mumbai, while Delhi stood consistent at 18.3 per cent in both week 22 and week 23.

When it comes to Bengaluru and Kolkatta, Fever FM 104 had to settle at third and fourth position in Kolkatta and Bengaluru respectively for week 22, while week 23 saw Fever FM jumping to position two in Kolkatta and stood consistent at number four in Bengaluru. The share percent of Fever FM was 17.7 percent in Kolkatta and 13.5 per cent in Bengaluru for week 22 while the T.S.L. was 6.19 and 7.48 in Kolkatta and Bengaluru respectively for the same week. In week 23, Fever FM witnessed a share percent of 18.13 per cent and 7.17 T.S.L. in Kolkatta, while Bengaluru had 13.6 per cent share and 7.4 T.S.L. in week 23.

The next two stations, who ruled the RAM ratings are Radio City 91.1 FM in Bengaluru and Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM in Kolkatta respectively during the weeks 22 and 23. Both sustained their top mark in the respective cities.

Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM topped in Kolkatta with a share per cent of 20.8 and 4.47 T.S.L. for week 22 and 19.4 share per cent and 4.42 T.S.L. for week 23. When it comes to Bengaluru, Radio Mirchi 98.3 had to settle at number three with a share of 16.4 per cent and 7.2 T.S.L. for week 22 and 17.6 share per cent and 7.16 T.S.L. for week 23. In Mumbai, the radio station stood at number two with a share per cent of 14 per cent and 4.16 T.S.L. in week 22 and it sustained the position in week 23 too with 13.6 share per cent and 4.09 T.S.L. respectively. In Delhi, Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM stood at position three for both weeks with a share per cent of 11.6 and 3.08 T.S.L. in week 22 and 12.2 share per cent and 13.08 T.S.L. for week 23 respectively.

Radio City 91.1 FM was at number one in Bengaluru during both weeks 22 and 23. While in week 22, the share percent was 25.8 and 9.55 T.S.L. week 23 saw a share per cent of 25.6 and 9.43 T.S.L. for the radio station. In Mumbai, Radio City stood at number four with 11.3 percent and 4.52 T.S.L. in week 22, while it bounced back to number three with a share per cent of 13 and 5.02 T.S.L in week 23. Delhi saw Radio City 91.1 FM standing at number two with a share of 13.5 per cent and 3.56 T.S.L. in week 22 and the station sustained its position in the nation’s capital at number two with a share of 13.9 per cent and 4.07 T.S.L. in week 23 respectively. But, in Kolkatta, Radio City had a hard luck as the radio station didn’t manage to enter top 10 in the RAM rating chart for both week 22 and 23 respectively.

RAM Ratings - Week 23


RankStationsShare %T.S.L.
1Fever FM 104 Mumbai15.66.25
2Radio Mirchi 98.3 Mumbai13.64.09
3Radio City 91.1 Mumbai135.02
4Big FM 92.7 Mumbai12.25.04
5Red FM 93.5 Mumbai10.64.19
6Radio Nasha 91.9 Mumbai10.25.04
7AIR FM2-Gold 100.7 Mumbai6.85.02
8Radio One 94.3 Mumbai3.72.52
9REDTRO 106.4 Mumbai3.75.16
10AIR FM1-Rainbow 107.1 Mumbai3.13.47


RankStationsShare %
1Fever FM 104 Delhi18.3
2Radio City 91.1 Delhi13.9
3Radio Mirchi 98.3 Delhi12.2
4AIR FM2-Gold 106.4 Delhi11.3
5Red FM 93.5 Delhi10.3
6Radio Nasha 107.2 Delhi10.3
7Big FM 92.7 Delhi8.2
8Ishq FM 104.8 Delhi4.2
9Hit 95 FM Delhi4.1
10AIR FM1-Rainbow 102.6 Delhi3.2


RankStationsShare %T.S.L.
1Radio Mirchi 98.3 Kolkata19.44.42
2Fever FM 104 Kolkata18.37.17
3Big FM 92.7 Kolkata17.95.31
4Red FM 93.5 Kolkata9.53.16
5Aamar FM 106.2 Kolkata9.13.43
6Friends FM 91.9 Kolkata5.83.23
7AIR FM2-Gold 100.2 Kolkata5.14.01


RankStationsShare %T.S.L.
1Radio City 91.1 Bangalore25.69.43
2Big FM 92.7 Bangalore17.86.53
3Radio Mirchi 98.3 Bangalore17.67.16
4Fever FM 104 Bangalore13.67.4
5Red FM 93.5 Bangalore6.24.39
6AIR FM1-Rainbow 101.3 Bangalore5.85.19
7AIR FM1-Vividh Bharati Bangalore5.14.56
8Radio One 94.3 Bangalore3.74.22
9Radio Indigo 91.9 Bangalore2.13.04
10Akashavani Bangalore0.92.47