| 30 Nov 2022
Week 46- Mumbai and Bengaluru see highest TSL from radio stations

MUMBAI: For week 46, with 19.2 per cent shares and TSL of 7.03, Big FM topped the chart in the city of Mumbai. Fever FM followed at number two with 16.4 per cent shares and TSL of 6.5, while Radio City narrowly missed out on the number two position, finishing third with 15.9 per cent shares and TSL of 4.54. Radio Mirchi, Red FM and Oye! FM finished fourth, fifth and sixth, respectively with market shares of 12 per cent (TSL- 3.44), 9.9 percent (TSL- 4.02) and 3.5 per cent (TSL- 3.16), respectively.

In the capital- Delhi- Fever FM led the list of top radio stations garnering 20.3 per cent shares and highest TSL in the city (4.53). At a distant second, Radio Mirchi managed TSL of 3.48 with shares of 15.4 per cent. Big FM, with 12.8 per cent shares and TSL of 3.55, managed third position, while Radio City and Red FM finished fourth and fifth, respectively with shares of 10.7 per cent and 9.4 per cent, respectively. Oye! FM managed 6.6 per cent in market shares by the end of the week, whereas Hit FM registered 3.3 per cent.

Radio Mirchi topped the radio stations in Kolkata with 19.4 per cent in market shares and a TSL of 4.23. Big FM, at number two, managed 15.3 per cent in shares, however, had a higher TSL (5.2) than Radio Mirchi. Fever FM, with the highest TSL in the city (5.5), finished third, with market shares of 15.3 per cent. It was followed by Oye! FM and Aamar FM, in fourth and fifth places, respectively.

Bengaluru saw the highest per cent in shares of all the metros, with Radio City registering 22.8 per cent in market shares and a TSL of 10.22. Also crossing the 20 per cent mark was Big FM, which finished second with 21.2 per cent shares and TSL of 8.28. Radio Mirchi, Fever FM and Red FM followed in third, fourth and fifth positions, having registered shares of 16.4 per cent, 13.8 per cent and 6.5 per cent, respectively.