| 22 Sep 2023
AIR to conduct feasibility study in cities where letters of intent have been issued for FM Phase III

NEW DELHI: The Information and Broadcasting Ministry has asked All India Radio to conduct a feasibility study to find out the reach city-wise of FM signals according to the available infrastructure, power and other factors like multi bay antenna etc.

AIR was asked to complete the feasibility study by 17 May 2016.

Prasar Bharati Chairman Surya Prakash has also given instructions to ensure space availability to letter of intent holders of the first stage of Phase III FM.

The Ministry will in turn inform all the LOI holders about the land available in Prasar Bharati premises for them to set up their infrastructure.

These decisions were taken at a review meeting held earlier this month and presided over by Joint Secretary (Broadcasting II) Mihir Kumar Singh.

He said adherence to FM Phase III policy and Grant of Permission Agreement provisions at all stages is mandatory.

The review meeting was a result of an earlier meeting on 27 April on the request of LOI holders for allowing interim set-up.

Apart from private operators, representatives of All India Radio and the Broadcast Engineering Consultants (India) Ltd.

The Representative from HT Media submitted that restriction on transmitter power to only 3 kW will not serve the desired purpose. This should not be uniformly applied to all cities and should be based on city-specific study taking various factors into account like distance of tower from the city, available infrastructure for hoisting of multiple bay antenna etc. This was seconded by other operators - ENIL, MBL, DB Corp, Digital Radio, Reliance, and Odisha TV.

On being asked about space requirement for this purpose per operator per city, AIR said space of around 200 sq ft should suffice. The Chairman directed Prasar Bharati to ensure that suitable ground space/Tower Aperture is made available to all the willing LOI holders for their interim setup.

It was decided that the Ministry will inform all the LOI holders about the space availability in PB premises besides maximum transmitter radiated power feasibility beyond Minimum 3 KW power.

AIR/Doordarshan/BECIL should facilitate the providers to set up temporary transmitters of the maximum power possible in every station.