| 18 Jun 2024
We are currently off to a solid start in our efforts to establish Songdew as a global platform that supports artists in all aspects, rather than just music distribution: Sunil Khanna

Mumbai: Songdew Media Pvt Ltd, a leading music network connecting independent artists with their fans have come a long way since its inception in 2014. Over the years, the platform has developed a brilliant roadmap to cater to artist services across the globe. In a recent chat with Radioandmusic, Sunil Khanna, Founder at Songdew enlightens the audience about their progress so far w.r.t to their new innovations, their upcoming plans etc.

Please share your thoughts on the ‘trends observed in the music industry’

We have seen phenomenal growth in the music industry. Earlier radio channels never used to run anything except bollywood music and now we do have them playing and promoting Independent music. We have tied up with several radio stations who are promoting indie music, they are very particular that they wont do anything that will distract the people while listening. Our research says that people like to listen to such kinds of music.

Independent music did need a platform and since now they are getting one there are growing indications about an upsurge interest from the bands to associate with artists and partner with them in various opportunities.

If you look at the sheer creation of content in Bollywood for example- you know out of 150 movies in a year maybe 200 or 300 songs are getting produced. And if you look at independent music they are producing 20 times more than Bollywood music. All in all I think that is what the future is and based on all our learning, experiences, interactions with musicians we have been redefining the way we can help musicians. We are currently off to a solid start in our efforts to establish Songdew as a global platform that supports artists in all aspects, rather than just music distribution.

What future advantages will independent musicians have from Songdew?

There are various services that we are catering to. We are not just a distributional platform but the website (Songdew) can also be used for various commercial opportunities.

At the global level also there is no such platform that are providing services like we are which is a top solution for artists. So, that is where we have shaped songdew to create a new category called “Music Business Administrator”. We are not just a digital distributor or the only music company that takes it to a streaming platform, we are telling the artist business needs, distribution, promotion, monetization and that’s what Music Administrator- services will help the artist to distribute, promote and monetize also. Moreover, we have created large partnerships and developed digital tools for an artist to promote himself.

Please enlighten us about your current and upcoming projects.

We have developed our own tv channel songdew tv which is the only channel that showcases 24- hours best of indie music that reached upto 200 mn views. We have tied up with 7 FM radio stations to whom we provide the best of independent music and they play that music on the radio station. In addition to it we have collaborated with digital platforms like josh to promote indie music through us so the artist gets the opportunity to be a part of various contests, reel making, can market themselves digitally etc.