| 22 Jul 2024
A R Rahman and Ilayaraja become members of Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS)

MUMBAI: Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS), the only government-authorized organization that safeguards, defends and collects royalties on behalf of performers/artists/music directors. The already 4000 members IPRS's list got an upgrade, with two of the biggest stalwarts of Indian Music industry A R Rahman and Ilayraja becoming a part of it.

Last week, over 100 members of this esteemed organization met in Chennai and among the attendees were legends like A R Rahman and Ilayaraja. The announcement was made by IPRS Chairman Javed Akhtar in Chennai last week.

As his own contribution to safeguarding the rights of authors and musicians of his songs, A R Rahman has always been stringent, before parting ways with rights on his music. In case of any deal to be made, it turns out to be an expensive affair for the music labels, so that the authors and publishers get their due from the respective label.

This is the first time that the organization has gone beyond Mumbai and is on a plan to localize by setting up local governing bodies in every region.

In an endeavor to give justice to the original authors and publishers of music, this four-decade-old organization has distributed over 13 crores to the members, earlier this year.

The organization has their registered office in Mumbai and offices in 12 cities, which are now re-registered under the Copyright Act.