| 28 May 2024
BIG FM's Srinagar station on the path to change

MUMBAI: BIG FM Srinagar is getting a makeover in terms of programming. The station has already revamped all three existing local shows. BIG FM will be introducing an all new local show from 2pm to 5pm for the first time.

The station has almost changed 80 per cent of their content, which according to the company, will be a right mix for its listeners. "We have localised shows to ensure requirements of listeners are met and we directly impact our listeners and society," said BIG FM business head Ashwin Padmanabhan.

The morning Show will focus on impacting the city and will endorse issues of common Kashmiri people along with some humour (prank calls in the morning to people). Yet another element to the morning show is the fulltime fitness expert who will give out tips. Meanwhile, there is a special programme package for housewives from 2pm to 3pm which will be hosted by RJ Haya who is making her comeback through the show 'Yaariyaan'. She will continue to present on-air till 5pm, and this time around will cater to youth as well. This is the first time BIG FM Srinagar has introduced a local show during the time band 2pm to 5pm.

RJ Sameen will take over from RJ Haya with a new entertainment show 'Full Volume' from 5pm to 8pm. There will be regular updates on real-time traffic, weather updates, stocks updates and ambulance alerts.

Padmanabhan said, "The main theme for the revamp is to impact local trends and give the station a new refreshing trendy feel, since lifestyle in the city is changing. We are part of local culture here; we all have to ensure absolute listener delight."

He further added that BIG FM will be integrating national and local shows to be rich on content.

"We have a balance of both, since it is a new market and is full of opportunities and is trying to grow with rest of India," he added. Sectors like education, automobile, tourism, government, telecom and sports are doing well for BIG FM Srinagar.