| 25 Feb 2024
When it comes to content, today, people tend to concentrate more on the superficial than the substantial: Manoj Mainkar, All India Radio

MUMBAI: It was a radio get-together at The Radio Festival 2019, held at the UNESCO house in Delhi, yesterday, on the occasion of World Radio Day. Among the many noteworthy radio people, who graced the event, All India Radio Programming Executive Manoj Mainkar not only entertained everyone to the core through his exceptional storytelling timing in the Just A Minute session, but also spoke exclusively about radio and World Radio Day with Radioandmusic.

Speaking about World Radio Day, Manoj said, “It’s a day to celebrate because the medium of radio has gone ahead by leaps and bounds. It is also a grim reminder to all of us, both broadcasters and listeners, we should responsibly ensure that the finer points of radio don’t disappear from the medium of broadcasting. For example, street language might be a popular language for connecting with the masses, but not at the cost of losing standard language.”

“Radio, possibly is the only medium, which is now left with the entire country that has samplings of purity of pronunciation and language.”

On being asked about the changes he sees in the medium today, Manoj Mainkar commented, “It is taken a different form, styles have changed. When it comes to content, today, people tend to concentrate more on the superficial than the substantial. It gives them happiness maybe, but one has to realise that along with the superficial the substantial is also necessary. The purpose why radio came to the world might sound cleshay, but the fact is that it came for information, education and entertainment. One should not lose focus of that. The right mix is required, which doesn’t seem to happen.”

Mainkar also shared advice for RJs of today’s generation. He said, “My experience tells me that your years are your sharpest weapons. Learn how to use them proactively. You just tend to hear things and don’t proactively listen to them. If you do that, then you will be able to find a difference in yourself in less than a year and that’s a guarantee. This is one habit that is declining over the ages.”