| 19 Apr 2024
RJ Kartik garners two million fans on Facebook

MUMBAI: Known for his Monday Motivation videos, MY FM’s RJ Kartik has garnered two million fans on Facebook, today, to become the second most followed RJ in India.

Speaking about his noteworthy achievement, Kartik exclaims, “The feeling is awesome as always. I owe my success to my gurudev, my boss Harish M Bhatia sir, mentors Rahul, Vinay, Viplo sir, parents, my company, MY FM and all the followers and as it is MY FM’s philosophy to have positivity in life.”

He further says, “I crossed one million views in September and now two million within a short time. I am the second RJ in India to have this huge subscriber base.”

Harish M Bhatia was the first one who gave this idea of posting a motivational story on social media as well. We use to do the first link of our Morning show as a motivational story. It’s 90 weeks i.e. 90 Mondays now that I have been doing these motivational stories, which is the reason I have managed to get two million followers on Facebook. Also, one of my videos, has crossed 10 million views on Facebook. People love to like and share my videos,” he adds.

On being asked, how he wants to thank his fans, RK Kartik reveals, “I did a Facebook live today after crossing two million views. It becomes difficult to reply to every fan’s message or call, but I would like to thank every person, who has watched as well as shared my stories. Even in my show, I narrate motivational stories, which we call Jiyo Dil Se stories.”

Like every RJ has a persona, mine also has been creatred that ‘he is a very positive person.  I will always say something that I always say – Kar Dikhao Kuch Aisa Ki Duniya Karna Chahe Aapke Jaisa. Maybe this line has inspired my fans. Also my company’s tag line - Chalo Aaj Kuch Achcha Sunte Hai, has also contributed in the popularity of my videos and my page of course.

Today, I was telling someone that you should have passion within you and have that kick in life, no matter whichever profession you are in. Mere Seeni Mein Nai Sai, Tere Seene Mein Sahi, Ho Kahi Bhi Aag Magar Aag jalni Chahiye, this poem by Dushyant Kumar is quite inspiring. Also, since we are a non-metro based Radio station, it feels to have such a huge fan following. I will continue pursuing my goals, while motivating people who need positivity in life,” he concluded.