| 01 Mar 2024
Superhits 93.5 Red FM concludes Mahathappa chapter in Asansol and Siliguri

MUMBAI: Superhits 93.5 Red FM successfully wrapped up the 2018 edition of Mahathappa in West Bengal. Promoting an upscale lifestyle in Tier II cities of West Bengal, through this initiative, Red FM is encouraging the people of Asansol and Siliguri to enjoy the best of the facilities available in their respective cities.

Commenting on the initiative, Nisha Narayanan, COO, Red FM, said “We want our listeners to experience the best that the city has to offer. With Mahathappa, we have elevated the competition to the next level, so that only the best among the hand-picked nominations can compete and win. We hope Red FM can prove to be the ultimate city guide to its listeners when it comes to choosing superlative experiences in the lifestyle segment.”

The fight for the best happened at both city and state level, where Red FM is present. This time, the fight was between Siliguri and Asansol and Asansol took away the Mahathappa tag with Galaxy Mall being chosen as the Best Catch-up Point between the two cities. The activity was completed within three phases, starting from creating buzz to selecting top five category winners. Lastly, in the final phase, the most voted category winner competed for the Mahathappa seal.

Intensely driven by Red FM app, Thappa saw immense participation from the lifestyle sectors of Asansol and Siliguri, who eagerly competed for the coveted title of Thappa and Mahathappa. The winners were chosen by Red FM’s local team, who scrutinized several factors before awarding the title to the winner of each category. With much sought-after Thappa title in their kitty, the winners across Siliguri and Asansol have seen a surge in their popularity, among the local crowd, who want to savour at the top of the line brands and facilities available there. 

Mahathappa, which was earlier called Thappa, re-introduces people to an upgraded lifestyle in their cities, where they can avail of various high-end amenities. Further, they can also engage with best of the brands in different categories like Best Gym, Best Music Store, Best Tattoo Studio, Best Stylist Spa and Parlour and Best Catch-up point. It is not an award, but a seal of love, mark of quality, authenticity given by the people of the city to the finest brands of the city.