| 18 May 2024
BIG FM promises to play more music as RJs turn MJs

MUMBAI: Radio gives us a new experience each day. It is amongst the oldest and the most trusted medium of entertainment. Valuing people’s faith in the medium and working on listeners demand, BIG FM has initiated a new music promise for the audience. Let us know what the team has to serve the audience.

BIG FM promises to give an experience of more music and less RJing. So, its shows will now be a balance of fun, entertainment, music and more. Plus the Radio Jockeys (RJs) of BIG FM will no more be addressed as RJs; they have now turned Music Jockeys (MJs).

Well, the audience is habituated to the term RJ thus, if this change will be accepted warmly or not is a big question. To get an answer to the same we contacted the one’s connected to this change.

BIG FM Delhi’s morning ‘Breakfast Show’ host Yogi said, “When I got to know about the concept initially, I was very confused. I started connecting it to Michael Jackson.  Then later I understood that it’s about music jockeying and we have to talk about music much more than we used to.”

“I was happy that I have to talk less and concentrate more on music. Being a retro jock this is what I was expecting,” he added.

The shows are interestingly designed in such a way that there are no compromises either in the talk content or on the advertisement bit.

BIG FM’s National programming head Atul Razdan said, “The team got into a research and understood that the listeners come to radio primarily to listen to music. Though there are a few who come for traffic updates and jocks, the core reason is music and we wanted to stand on to our listener’s choice.”

Simplifying the concept to us, BIG FM Delhi’s evening show host Khurafati Nitin said, “Radio is a medium of infotainment – it gives information and entertainment and we are not changing that. Turning to an MJ does not mean the pranks, jocking and campaigns will take a back seat – in fact, we will do that even more.”

The BIG FM managers will take charge of music on each show and they will avoid repetition. Also, the playlist will be changed each week.

“While preparing for my show I keep things under consideration like – mood of the day, weather conditions of the city, festivals happening, happening around the city and more,” added Nitin.

BIG FM also runs shows like #Salim and Suhana Safar with Anu Kapoor where the host Salim Merchant and Anu Kapoor share trivia stories about the songs fun moments while making the song and more. A similar concept is now taken up by every MJ on Big FM wherein they will share about two to three such amazing stories on their show.

For such exciting stories, the MJ’s are on their toes to find stories that involve a lot of research, reading books about the artists and more.