| 25 Feb 2024
'Evening Show With Khurafati Nitin' to spread awareness on women safety

MUMBAI: Earlier we at reported RJ Nitin’s entry in Big FM, Delhi family and now we get you details from his show, 'Evening Show With Khurafati Nitin'.

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The show that goes on-air today at 5 pm will air for 92.7 hours. Yes, you hear it right the Big FM marathon trend has made its way to the 'Evening Show With Khurafati Nitin'.

As Delhi is considered to be an unsafe place for women, keeping that in mind, the team will promote a campaign called #Icareforher. As Nitin is prominently known for his CSR (Corporate Service Responsibility) activities, his new show will majorly concentrate on women safety and inform women about their rights against such crime.  

Talking about his latest show Khurafati Nitin said, “I believe radio is a powerful medium and we must use it wisely. We are the owner and have the responsibility of radio; we should help people through this. I am personally very touchy about the topic of women safety. Also as days pass by, we keep hearing molestation and rape stories. Plus the saddest part is many women are not even aware when they are sexually harassed. So through my show, I want to inform women what sexual harassment is and what their rights are.”

Nitin has been doing CSR activities for many years now, but not many know about the story behind this. In an interaction with us, he shared a story from his past. Six years ago, the RJ was unemployed and bankrupt and during those times, he learnt the most important lesson of mankind. “In my hard times, I rented a small stall in Gurgaon to sell samosas for my living. That is the kind of time I went through when I had no job, no money even to pay my house rent. I only had my family and few relatives with me, others who were always around suddenly disappeared. I realised we humans are very selfish and that day I decided to do something to help people. I decided on doing meaningful radio on getting back to the medium,” shared the RJ.

Furthermore, 'Evening Show With Khurafati Nitin' will air exclusive retro songs from its library, prank calls, interactive sessions, information about women safety. There will also be a segment where RJ Nitin will sing parodies written by him.