| 17 Jun 2024
Programming line-up of Red FM's new stations in Amritsar, Chandigarh and Bengaluru

MUMBAI: 22 April 2017 was indeed a joyful day for Red FM, as it launched new stations and re-launched its existing station. We at reported about the same, but just in case you missed the story, read below:

RED FM to launch in Amritsar and Chandigarh; to re-launch in Bengaluru

Now, we bring you some more information on the re-launched station and the new launches. The re-launch took place in an extremely creative style at Forum Mall, Koramangla, Bengaluru. Red FM constructed a studio set-up on the top of a hoarding and called it, ‘Red FM Hawa Mein’.

Through this aerial studio set-up, Red FM introduced its new set of RJs and shows which are now part of the station. The day witnessed all RJs doing their shows from the new studio set-up. The idea was based on a single line of communication: “Ab Bangalore Ki Hawa Mein Ek Hi Naam – 93.5 Red FM”.

On its re-launch, Red FM introduced RJ Tuhin and Zeishah who will be hosting ‘KA 935’ and ‘RED Adda’ respectively. Red FM had taken all RJs off air for a week as a build up to the re-launch event, with a teaser communication of ‘Red FM Ki Hawa Badalne Waali Hai’.

On the occasion of the re-launch, Red FM COO Nisha Narayanan said, “We at Red FM have always believed in keeping the brand alive and the product in-tune with the times. Revamp and re-launch of Red FM Bengaluru is our endeavour to offer a sharper product. As a brand, innovation is at our core, and 'Red FM Hawa Mein' is an interesting way of launching our new RJ line-up with all of them going live from a hoarding and giving Bengalureans superhit Hindi music 24X7 in times to come.”

Here are the details of the new launches in Chandigarh and Amritsar.  

Morning No. 1

RJ Anubhav gets up before the sun rises, and knows the news before the newspaper arrives. Morning#1 is the mandatory check in for authorities, Stars bedazzle the city by getting arrested on the show and the parodies are served with a pinch of salt. Monday to Saturday, 7am -11am.


Super funky, full-on nautanki, this girl is the quintessential Drama Queen. RJ Shatabdi likes to stir a storm in a teacup and you will sip on happily. There are no minor mishaps in her life, everything is 70 mm magnified. She is the slice of life slathered with a heavy dose of Chandigarh’s attitude. Hang out with RJ Shatabdi, Monday to Saturday, 11am -2pm.

If you’ve heard that laughter is the best medicine, then know that this medicine is best taken with a Punjabi tadka. We have the best doctor in the house for this, with young looks and Veer attitude, RJ Youngveer. He does successful research operations on popular videos and his post-mortem reports on FB and Instagram posts are 100 per cent deadly. Catch RJ Youngveer, Monday to Saturday, 2pm - 5 pm.

CH 935

You have taken a dose sometimes, or maybe a double dose, but we have the ultimate overdose for Chandigarh. An overdose of pagalpanti with the two ‘Kadak Launde’ of Chandigarh – RJ Rishi and RJ Lakha. They are different in the most absurd ways. One is pure Punjabi the other knows nothing about being a Punjabi. When one goes off track, the other one pulls him back or maybe sometimes just joins the other on that track only leading to a lot of hilarity in their show CH935. You will pray hard when they confiscate your phones and you will run out of breath, laughing; when they talk to celebrities. And on their way to CH935, yeh honk nahi karte, yeh bajaa daalte hain- Band! Break Lagao with RJ Rishi and RJ Lakha, Monday to Saturday, 5pm - 9 pm.

Midnight Masala

Naughtiness flavoured with Bindaas swag that is RJ Deeksha. On her show Mid Night Masala she won’t just talk; she will make you dream with eyes wide open. And while you are at it, don’t forget she can easily put all your imaginations to rest with her unimitable style. She will deliver your weirdest messages, to your loved and not so loved ones. Get hooked till the clock strikes one. Tune into Midnight Masala with RJ Deekhsha Monday to Friday, 10 pm – 1 am.