| 22 Jun 2024
Radio Nasha to air 'Filmy Calendar S2 with Satish Kaushik'

MUMBAI: When HT Media decided to launch Radio Nasha -- a retro radio station that airs songs of the 70s, 80s, and 90s – it also planned a few celebrity shows. One of these was ‘Filmy Calendar’ that was to be hosted by none other than the man who earned the title of ‘Calendar’ in the 80s hit film ‘Mr. India’, Satish Kaushik.

It wasn’t easy for the Radio Nasha team to get Kaushik on board, but they did all they could to rope him in. The effort turned out to be the best decision of the team as the actor-director's show as an RJ went on to be number one in 7pm to 8pm time slot. However, like all good things in life ‘Filmy Calendar’ too saw its end, but this time to start afresh.

The station is back with season 2 of its successful Satishk Kaushik show – 'Filmy Calendar'. The second season that goes on-air today (26 December 2016) at 7 pm will have a few changes, but the Nasha team and Kaushik are sure that the audience will accept it with open arms.

Confirming the same the senior entertainer says, “I believe this is the first time in the history of radio that we have a season two of some show. This is Radio Nasha’s Khurafat (Mischief).”

The concept of the first season was that the calendar shows a date and Kaushik narrates a filmy story connected with that date. The concept will continue in season two, but with some minor changes. The usual calendar will now be a digital calendar. Kaushik will talk like his famous movie characters as per the demand of the calendar date. Explaining the same, Kaushik adds, “My characters have always been famous be it Calendar, Papu Pager, Muttu Swami, German, Shrafat Ali or Jumbo. The character will now narrate a story in that style. Another aspect is ‘Bhaltagiri’. In this one will try using words with a different meaning in another context. For example – ‘Karguzari’ a word that means ‘what’s happening’ will be used by a kid in a school as - aaj mere pitaji ne sheher ke sabse bade bridge se ‘car guzari’. The meaning of the word is different here, but the kid uses it differently. There will be many such words and we are really excited about the season two.”

The actor-director has come a long way from being someone who did not want to step into the role of a radio jockey to now enjoying the churn. “I was a little scared initially. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to talk on radio continuously. But (RJ) Anurag Pandey, Gaurav Sharma (Chief Programming Officer) gave me confidence. They came prepared with some of my recordings. Anurag said, 'You’ve narrated so many interesting stories and you have to do the same here’. Then I said, ‘Let us record one episode and see’. They recorded it and packaged it beautiful and it sounded great and I was on board.”

Kaushik started enjoying the process the minute the road block of unsurety was gone. In fact, the actor now an RJ had an opportunity to interact with his audiences and they went on to compliment him. “People from varied society loved the first season a lot. I met a lot of people at airports who said that they tune into my show between 7pm to 8pm. They also said that they like the way I talk and connect with characters. So, I have got a very good response.”

He further states that the show has become a part of his personality. “I have done everything acting, direction, production, distribution, television, theatre, singing and writing dialogues too. RJing was not something I thought I could do. But this helps open your personality and your vocabulary too improves. You start using words fast. Now I say five to six sentences in one go.”

Lastly, the entertainer states that ‘Filmy Calendar’ is a show that comes straight from his heart. “It is my innocence that has worked for me on this show and I want to maintain it in the second season too,” confesses the RJ.