| 23 Jul 2024
Radio City: A ground-breaking frontrunner in Mumbai and Bangalore

MUMBAI: As per the recent RAM ratings, Radio City which is considered as India’s most loved radio station, has maintained its number one place in Mumbai and Bangalore. For more than 458 weeks now the network has maintained its lead in these two cities. An increase in market share in these two cities also demonstrates the imprint and popularity of Radio City in the minds of its listeners.

As per RAM Rating Week 33, SEC All 12 +, CUME, Radio City reaches out to 46.2 lakh listeners followed by Radio Mirchi at 44.8 lakh, Red FM at 43.4 lakh, Big FM at 42.9 lakh Fever FM at 29.9 lakh, Radio Nasha at 22.1 lakh, Radio One at 19.9 lakh, Oye at 17.6 lakh and Redtro at 6.03 lakh in Mumbai, ensuring control for Radio City in the country’s economic capital.

As per RAM Rating Week 33, SEC All 12 +, CUME simultaneously, Radio City dominates the market with a percentage share of 24% followed by Big FM at 19.7%, Radio Mirchi at 17.7%, Fever FM at 13.9%, S FM at 5.5%, Radio One at 3.7%, Radio Indigo at 1.8% and last Mirchi 95 at 0.8% in Bangalore.

Speaking about Radio City’s success, Radio City and AudaCITY EVP & National Head – Programming, Marketing Kartik Kalla said, “Our efforts at creating localized content with our campaign Rag Rag Mein Daude City has been a tremendous success. The RAM ratings are an accolade to our efforts. We have consistently been the No.1 radio station across the nation and with this leadership position in the major metropolitan cities; we strive to remain a fore runner in times to come.”

According to a survey by AZ research, Radio City holds the top position with a listenership of 4.7 crores. Indians all over the country. The network has a listenership of 2.2 crores in the Western India markets. In South (which includes Bangalore Hyderabad, Chennai, Vizag, and Coimbatore) Radio City has a listenership of 1.32 crore.

over and over again Radio City has developed campaigns that created a steady connect with listeners across the nation. With ‘Rag Rag Mein Daude City’ the FM network has now built a personal connect with every citizen by designing unique and innovative programming, as well as marketing initiatives which revolve around localized content. The brand has also succeeded in creating a strong hold with ground-breaking content such as ‘Gig City’ which is India’s first live radio concert, ‘Joke Studio’ which was based on research that showed humour as a key driver, ‘Radio City Super Singer’ which is a marquee annual property for the brand and ‘Radio City Freedom Awards’ to name a few.