| 17 Jun 2024
RJ Devangana moves out of FM Tadka; joins #Fame

MUMBAI: Jaipur’s favourite morning radio jockey Devangana has moved on from being just an RJ at FM Tadka. She is no more just a voice; she is also a face now. The RJ has joined #Fame as an anchor and she is super excited about her latest work profile.

At #Fame Devangana has been chatting with people from all spheres of life – entertainers, social workers, fitness gurus and more. Moreover, she is not just limited to one city. Her chats with people from different sectors will be live streamed across India.

Confirming the news, Devangana said, “The job profile is extremely exciting and I am exploring it.”

However, this does not mean that Devangana won’t get back at RJing. “I am missing radio. What I am doing at the moment at #Fame is completely different from what I have done in the past. But, I do not want to leave radio completely,” stated the RJ.

She revealed, “Currently I am looking out for syndicated shows. This would basically mean me recording the shows for certain radio stations.”

While, Devangana is looking forward to recording shows she is also waiting for #Fame to go global at the earliest. “Earlier I was just limited to a city. Currently, it is the nation but soon I would like to go global with #Fame growing its reach.”

Our best wishes are with you Devangana.