| 22 Jun 2024
Audiences love our exclusivity and that we give platform to new artists: Himanshu Gupta, 9X Tashan Programming Head
MUMBAI: It’s been almost eight years since the hardcore Punjabi music channel 9X Tashan was born and hence given birth to a humongous fan count nationwide. Following the footsteps of its sister channels 9XM, 9X Jhakaas, the channel has curated the best of Punjabi music.
“We have witnessed a massive following and appreciation from the audience. Moreover, the artists we have launched have made us proud. Focusing majorly on artist grooming, song launches, pre-promotions have helped us build up our reach,” exclaimed 9X Tashan programming head Himanshu Gupta as 9X Tashan turned eight this year.
On being asked about what drives the crowd towards the channel, Gupta enunciated, “Audiences love our exclusivity and that we give a platform to new artists.”
He believes that new innovations have played a key role in strengthening their core purpose of coming up with 9X Tashan.
“Earlier we did not have good quality videos, but with time, we have improvised ourselves through the feedback received. There used to be challenges whenever we came up with an innovation, but they have become our strengths now,” further told Gupta.
While there is humongous competition brewing in the market, Gupta explained, “In recent times, people do have choices and amidst digital, music streaming platforms that are out there, I feel TV is still a serious medium. Also, with the ongoing TV vs. Digital saga, we have a challenge and would always work towards making our content unique and engaging.We feel that both complement each other and hence this will lead towards the growth of music consumption  
In terms of 9X Tashan’s on-ground platforms, their property Tashan Nites, a Punjabi music festival known to bring the who's who from the entertainment industry, has proved itself in captivating the hearts of zillion music lovers.
“We started Tashan Nites with a crowd of 200 people in a club and now we have managed to pull out a crowd of about 15-20k. This in itself is a huge thing," exclaimed Gupta.
He lastly concluded that the channel will focus on engaging the audience digitally while keeping a check on the latest trends.