| 28 May 2024
ACUM enters strategic collaboration with Israeli startup Revelator to provide digital music distribution platform

MUMBAI: Revelator announced today a strategic collaboration with ACUM, the Israeli Performing and Mechanical Rights Society. Revelator will offer music distribution to ACUM’s 9,000 active members enabling them to monetize their digital content on top stores and services worldwide starting with iTunes.

Revelator addresses today’s music business back-office challenges by integrating sales, marketing, reporting and analytics into one unified system to provide unprecedented simplicity and efficiency for independent artists, managers, record labels and distributors.

The Revelator-ACUM collaboration enables independent artists, who own their sound recordings and control the rights to their own work, to use Revelator’s music distribution platform and retain 100% of their revenue.

"It is clear to us that this is a market that usually does not have any substantial outside financial backing," said ACUM’s Director of Marketing & Communication Yaniv Grady. "These are artists who, more often than not, work a second job in order to finance themselves. Therefore, we at ACUM have worked to give them the ability to use the Revelator platform to distribute their music and manage their sales information for free. This is another step in our effort to offer our members the tools so that they can take a more active role in the success of their music."

Current music business software consists of tools with limited functionalities. As a result, independent artists without the services of a record label lack a turn-key and comprehensive solution. An integrated platform such as Revelator’s enables them to unify their sales and marketing data to better guide them on where to focus their efforts.

"ACUM members include many indie artists who are serious about growing their career, so it’s the perfect fit for a service like Revelator," said Asher Bitansky, a notable figure in the Israeli music industry and EVP, Partnerships for Revelator. "The Revelator platform not only opens the door to worldwide stores and services, it provides a more complete and user-friendly framework for the artist who’s serious about growing as a business."

"Our aim is to offer do-it-yourself artists with the same efficiency that we provide to our label clients. The first step is to provide a simple way to sell their music worldwide, but that’s only the beginning of the story. It’s become increasingly challenging to promote your work," said music industry veteran
Bruno Guez, founder and CEO of Revelator. "That’s where Revelator excels, in unifying the sales with the marketing, analytics and reporting.

"The idea is to offer independent artists a unified toolset to reduce the time and cost of using multiple services. It’s the first time ever that artists are going to have a simple and affordable way to automate all the functions of running their business; even calculating the royalty splits to other musicians,
songwriters or producers they collaborate with."