| 20 Jun 2024
9X Tashan aspires to have a library of 30 plus original songs by year end

MUMBAI: 9X Tashan, one of the country’s leading music channels for Punjabi content, is now turning into a platform for up and coming Punjabi talent, confirmed 9X Tashan and 9XM, programming- cluster head, Baljinder Mahant. To showcase this new talent, the network is also using its live music showcase property, ‘Tashan Nites.’

The channel is scouring the northern regions of the country for fresh Punjabi music talent through 9X Tashan’s original property, called ‘Music Launches.’ “Punjabi music is on the rise and there are many up-and-coming artists that deserve to be heard in the commercial market,” said Mahant. He further added that right from content creation to online promotion 9X Tashan is promoting local talent through ‘Music Launches’.

Mahant also added that the talent is not under any contract. When the channel started promoting artists, it would premiere one new music video every month. Now, however, the channel will churn out one new music video every 10 days. “Now we will have three new music videos every month; and we also have a line-up planned for the next couple of months. We also want to have up to 30 original songs by the year end,” added Mahant.

“We do not charge a fee to the artists, nor do we manage their live performances,” added Mahant. For marketing 9X Tashan’s artists, the channel practises a 360 degree plan; which includes digital and on-air promotions. The channel designs an entire plan for artist-audience engagement with behind-the-scenes video, channel promos and backstage videos.

Mahant also added that the channel’s prime USP (Unique Selling Point) is that, of the top ten Punjabi musicians, up to eight are associated with 9X Tashan. “We encourage artists to grow with the 9X Tashan family,” he stated. He also added that these artists then get to showcase their vocal abilities at ‘Tashan Nites’, where those who have launched their careers with 9X Tashan, share the stage with popular Punjabi singers. When asked what the channel looks for when selecting the artists, Mahant said, “Nowadays, people watch music instead of listening to it. So, depending on that, we select talents based on vocal abilities and personality.”

‘Tashan Nites’ is currently held once every month in a different city in the north. Previous editions of the gig have been held at Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Jalandar, Amritsar and various other places. Mahant said that the next edition will be held either in the middle of August, or towards the beginning of September.

The 9X network recently made a deal with Sony Music for the exclusive music premiere of the new Bollywood film, ‘Brothers.’ 9X Tashan also garnered over five million views on YouTube for the music video of the track, ‘Kudi Tu Pataka’ by rising Punjabi singer JSL Singh.