| 28 May 2024
Downtown, Hipgnosis, and NMPA stand firmly with Universal Music Group in TikTok battle

MUMBAI: Primary Wave, a major player in the music industry representing iconic artists such as Bob Marley, Stevie Nicks, and Prince, has publicly supported Universal Music Group's stance in its dispute with TikTok over licensing terms.

With recordings represented by UMG already disappearing from TikTok's pre-cleared music library, Primary Wave commended UMG for standing up against TikTok's perceived disregard for artists and songwriters. In a statement, Primary Wave emphasized the need for fair compensation and protection for artists and songwriters, rejecting TikTok's assertion that promotion on the platform justifies underpaying creators.

They emphasized the importance of appropriately compensating artists and protecting them from unethical uses of AI. Joining Primary Wave in supporting UMG's position, Andrew Bergman, CEO of Downtown Music Holdings, highlighted the importance of equitable compensation for creators. Downtown Music Holdings, representing over 5,000 business clients and 4 million individual creators, called for a recalibration of the partnership between the music industry and TikTok to ensure fair compensation.

Additionally, the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) expressed disappointment with TikTok's approach to compensation for music creators. NMPA President/CEO David Israelite emphasized the value of songwriters and the detrimental impact of undervaluing their contributions, rejecting the notion that promotion should substitute fair compensation.

As the dispute between UMG and TikTok unfolds, the music industry continues to advocate for fair treatment and compensation for artists, songwriters, and rights holders.