| 19 Apr 2024
NTIA Scotland reaction to Nicola Sturgeon announcement

MUMBAI: Mike Grieve, MD Subclub / Chair of NTIA Scotland says

"The lack of detail in the First Minister’s statement to the Scottish Parliament is highly disappointing. Boris Johnstone’s announcement yesterday brought a real sense of optimism to our sector throughout the UK with the prospect of fully reopening the late night economy by the end of June in England."

"It’s clear that the Scottish Government has adopted a more cautious approach than Westminster throughout the pandemic, but we hoped that our own roadmap in Scotland would align more closely with the rest of the UK to allow businesses to begin trading again and young people in particular to resume social activity in well controlled and highly regulated environments such as clubs and music venues. The mental health of our young people is particularly threatened by the ongoing lockdown."

"NTIA Scotland supports the prioritisation of vaccinations to suppress the virus and agree it is vital that the exit from lockdown is fully sustainable. There must be a commitment to continue and accelerate the roll out of the vaccination to include all demographics and age groups as soon as the most vulnerable are protected.

Meanwhile, it is absolutely vital that significant financial support continues for the most affected businesses such as late night music venues and nightclubs until all trading restrictions are removed."