| 06 Dec 2022
TikTok introduces in-app to restrict the spread of COVID-19 misinformation

MUMBAI: TikTok has been the most used app during this lockdown across the globe. It has recently introduced an enhanced in-app reporting feature to restrict the spread of COVID-19 misinformation. The feature will allow users to report content that they believe contains "intentionally deceptive information" within the popular social media platform.

Any user that finds content that contains deceptive information can report it by selecting the new 'Misleading Information' category. This feature is for any kind of erroneous information. To report deceptive content pertaining to COVID-19, there is a sub-category named 'COVID-19 misinformation'.

TikTok said, “when users report any content as 'COVID-19 Misinformation', it is sent to a priority moderation queue that is being managed by an internal task force and escalated to third-party fact-checkers”.

The task force has been set up as a proactive measure to strengthen the capabilities of the app in addressing misinformation around COVID-19 and to prioritise decision-making. "We have partnered with Vishvas News, the fact-checking arm of the Jagran group, which is IFCN certified," TikTok said.

TikTok has also said that it will be inviting partners to submit proposals for a misinformation research grant of $50,000. Through this, it aims to better understand the misinformation ecosystem on social media.

TikTok has been taking steps in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform recently launched donation stickers to help users raise funds with their videos and TikTok LIVE streams for charities and causes they care the most.

A recent report has suggested that India has the largest number of TikTok users in the world. The country alone accounts for 30.3 percent of the total two billion app downloads worldwide.

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