| 29 Nov 2022
Saavn announces original programming, moves beyond music

MUMBAI: In an industry driven by the focus to stay ahead of the curve, Saavn has managed to create its own curve with first of its kind original programming series. Saavn has announced its plans to venture into original content creation with a unique audio programming series. With a unique mix of shows, dedicated different kind of contents - ranging from sports to music, ten original shows have been finalised for Saavn's latest initiative, starting next month.

'Qisson Ka Kona' with Neelesh Misra, an original program focusing on nostalgic stories, in Neelesh's famous style of storytelling. Neelesh Misra will also host 'Time Machine' that will involve narration of some of the country's mythological stories.

Collaboration with Arre has resulted into another original audio content for Saavn, titled 'Trial by Error - The Aarushi Files' narrated by journalist Nishita Jha. The program uncovers some of the myths, rumours and the investigation revolving around the Aarushi murder case.

After providing a daily dose of Bollywood day in and day out, Saavn's 'Maed In India' will promote the original content from the 'indie' or alternative music scene. Hosted by Mae Thomas, the show will purely be 60 per cent music and 40 per cent talk.

Noted comedian and tv show host Cyrus Broacha has a way with words and humour. With Saavn - known for its reach - Broacha will host the original show 'Cyrus Says' that would see Cyrus in his original avatar discussing several news-making content on the show.

"I'm proud to be associated with Saavn. The medium is right for me  because genetically speaking, TV is a challenge," joked Cyrus.

"Intimate, relaxed and friendly atmosphere makes the show more interesting," added the comedian.

"This has massive potential and I thank Saavn for taking the lead. I used to play 'Chittiyan Kalaiyan' for my three months old daughter whenever she felt restless. This programming frees from the rigour of radio medium and provides me the freedom to do something new. With 'Time Machine' I want to reach to younger audiences hence, we focused on the language to ensure the same. There's a lot that I have to say and express, and 'Qisson Ka Kona' allows me that," said Misra, who hosts two shows for Saavn's original programming.

Original programming will begin on 1 May, however, Saavn hopes to add more shows before the end of the year, informed the co-founder Rishi.

With brands like Vodafone and Mountain Dew on board, and impressive reach of 18 million users in 150 countries, Saavn's latest initiative could only mean more exposure to unheard content and lesser known talents.

Homegrown Musicians and bands will receive an opportunity to showcase the talent to audience not only in India, but to the other Saavn users from across the world.

Saavn recognises Nucleya as the future of music, and the DJ's music has been heard on 29 million phones so far, thanks to Saavn. He becomes Saavn's first artist in residence

"In a way, Saavn has acted like a record company for me. Not only let my music be heard in several countries but also allowed me to collaborate with several artistes," said Nucleya.