| 02 Mar 2024
T-Series Bhakti Sagar celebrates 10 million subscribers on YouTube

MUMBAI: After adding 50 million subscribers to its main channel, T-Series adds another feather to its cap by crossing 10 million subscribers on its devotional channel, T-Series Bhakti Sagar on YouTube. Traction for T-Series content is unprecedented.

T-Series is well known for its devotional content, whose foundation was laid by its founder Shri. Gulshan Kumar. Since then, the music label has been continuously making to the top. 

Taking ahead from where his father handed the reins of his established company, T-Series chairman and managing director Bhushan Kumar feels immense proud to reach this milestone. Commenting on to this achievement, he says, “I would like to dedicate this success to my father as it was his vision that has always motivated me and my team to remain ahead of the curve.”

“T-Series started its journey with Bhajans and it has always been my endeavor to reach the audience, globally, through various digital platforms. My father in that era had made all the possible songs whether it is Aarti or Gayatri Mantra. He made everything that was musically possible in the devotional space. And this is the reason; we manage to offer the best devotional content even today,” he adds.

With more than three billion video views and an audience base spread across India, US, Canada UK, UAE, Australia, Mauritius, Nepal etc, T-Series Bhakti Sagar channel has expanded its presence across multiple digital platforms and now reaches more than one and a half million digital consumers, a month, An average of about 150 videos are uploaded per month on the channel.

With a focused, well thought of strategy, coupled with an intuitive mind of its managing director and chairman Mr. Bhushan Kumar, T-Series is now a force to be reckoned with in the world music industry.