| 21 Apr 2024
T-Series crosses 40 million subscribers; aims quality content

MUMBAI: It’s a big win for the music label T-Series as they have achieved a 40 mn subscriber base on their YouTube channel. To celebrate this massive success of T-Series we have summed up their graph scale based on their achievements.

T-series has managed to strengthen its position in the market space, primarily as a music label and now it happens to be a movie production house as well. After having dominated the music industry for so long, the label is effortlessly taking the title of the biggest movie production house in India too.

Their music business is a winner’s model and self-run, considering their sheer dominance in the field for three decades with their analysts accrediting a lion’s share of 70 per cent (keeps growing) of the total music industry. While film music has always been a highlight, T-Series as a label pumped life into regional and especially spiritual music segment.

It’s had a smooth transition from Cassettes to CDs to now in a digital format. While most of the smaller labels shut down because of their inability to adapt the constant evolution, T-Series withstood the storm and came out as a winner.

The label started their own YouTube channel in 2011 and within seven years, T-Series had caused a revolution in the Indian entertainment space. In January 2017, the YouTube channel reached a milestone of a 14 mn viewer base. As of 2018, the label is enjoying the sweet milestone of 40 mn subscribers. Not long ago, in December 2017, the label had clocked 27 bn views and a subscriber base of 30 mn. Within a time, the frame of three months, T-Series has been successful in getting another cool 10 mn subscriber. The math shows that the channel has been gaining over 3mn subscribers a month.

T-series has always come up with innovative strategies; the best recent example is Mixtape. Considering the reach of the label name, T-Series has developed a directory of songs comprising various Indian languages, different genres and a strong roster of independent artists too. The channel’s winning formula is its smart online marketing strategy. Also, they strategize on a mix of musical talent from Bollywood movies and independent artists, which recognizes millennials appetite to consume quality content online.

T-Series continues to hold on to its number one spot in the top 500 YouTube channels globally. It has expanded presence across multiple digital platforms globally and it reaches more than one billion digital consumers a month.

T-series chief managing director Bhushan Kumar said, "I would like to dedicate this success to all our fans all over the world, who have helped us reach this milestone. I would like to congratulate my entire in-house digital team and the YouTube team for this tremendous feat. We look forward to offer quality content and entertainment to our consumers."

Speaking on the occasion of hit the milestone of 40 mn subscriber base for the YouTube channel T-Series president Neeraj Kalyan said, “It all comes down to promoting the artist/content with a well-oiled online marketing machine, using everything to maximum effect. Whether its social media cross promotions, tentpole programming, intelligent tagging, consumer engagement or any other new gimmick that's about to reach the market.”