| 28 Feb 2024
Sweet Beats to create, promote and establish new talents as global brand: Somesh Mathur

MUMBAI: Sweet Beats Productions which is India's first ever music startup with the vision of creating, promoting, and establishing new talents from India as global brands are also identifying the outstanding and brilliant folk talent from the interiors of rural India who are living in abject poverty. The company aims to bring them into the mainstream and provide them with a permanent livelihood through their art and music, and help them live a life of dignity and self-preservation. Sweet Beats aims to establish Indian classical and folk melody as a new global music genre, thereby creating a new avenue to promote budding Indian talent, and bringing India on the World Map of music, art, and culture.

Somesh Mathur, the man behind this mission said, “We had been toying with the idea for the last ten year and finally in 2016 we made a presentation of our idea and some investors by God’s divine grace liked it.”

On being asked about the objective he said, “India has knowledge, legacy, history and the foundation for music all over the world. But sadly we don’t have brands that promote the artists. The plight is we have enough knowledge about international artists but when we go abroad nobody even know about our local artists.”

With an initial seed capital USD 1,00,000/- and an valuation of USD 1 million, Sweet Beats has already achieved a self-sustenance in revenue generation, within seven months of inception, and a monthly profit from the ten months onwards. With a celebrated advisory panel of members from the fields of finance, VC funds, consultancy, IT, Bollywood, and also Jazz Guru Dinshah Sanjana (VP East West Studios, Hollywood, CA) associated with the company's American Holding. Sweet Beats India has a stellar team of artists and Corporate Gurus responsible for the company's enviable early success.

With two bases of operations in US and India, Sweet Beats India was valued at USD one million upon inception; and is currently valued at USD three million after just one year of operations. When asked about the company Mathur explained, “We have two companies one is in Hollywood California while the second one is in Mumbai, India.”

On artist promotion, he added, “We give an opportunity to sing for new content; we create composition based on their singing range, record it and share it on different platforms. We also collaborate with international brands.” The company like any other organizations make money from the concerts.

The organization has different departments which cater the needs of the artists like in house team, VFX, DOP; audition is done by group of four people. “We select them on the basis of their voice quality uniqueness, vocally groomed for stage and have good personality. We have a holistic approach to grooming and branding the artists,” said Mathur.

There are four mentors for vocal training, two for personality and two for stage who are specialized in the field. When asked about the future of artist he added, “These artists start making money through studio recording and some get back in Bollywood as a playback singer.”

Sharing the list of singers groomed under him the entrepreneur stated, “I have trained Shibani Kashyap, Shefali Alvares and Neha Bhasin, now they are all successful.”

In his opinion, classical music is the backbone of our music industry. “Classical music has its niche market. It is the foundation to Bollywood Music and it cannot be ignored.” This clearly signifies that there’s wide scope for classical music even today.

He also explained the significance of his brand Sweet Beats saying, “It (name and logo) was given by our Spiritual Guru Shri. K.B. Mann Sahab who gave list of eight names and luckily we got Sweet Beats by company Acts. It trains all genres of music and there is no fee for the artists since we have investors.”

When enquired about the singles made by the artists he said, “One video per month by each artist will be uploaded of any genre RNB, Pop, Jazz, Rock, Hindustani, EDM, etc. We have a tie up with YouTube and social media to promote these videos; we are also coming soon in electronic platform TATA to promote and create music shows, travel shows and social shows wherein we will use our artists.”

Sweet Beats also hopes to upscale its operations to the next level and is in the process of shortlisting potential investors for the stage two seed capital investment to invest in more artists, content creation, and its dissemination, and to spread its wings on a global level. With an eye to establish the ‘Make in India’ vision, Sweet Beats aims to facilitate Indian classical and folk music with global music production of the highest caliber, as the new global music genre. Simultaneously it aims at collaborating with top American artists to make this endeavour feasible and legitimate thereby putting India and Indian artists on the world map of global culture, music and poetry. One can see Sweet Beats soon venturing into Television and Movie world. Mathur explained, “Once we are done with the associations with international brands we will create contents for this field too.”