| 20 Apr 2024
Rajshri Entertainment enters into kid's space with music and animation

MUMBAI: Rajshri Entertainment unveiled its kid's channel 'Peekaboo' recently with high quality animated videos along with music which would attract pre-school kids. The company plans to monetise its audio format too.

'Peekaboo' is live on YouTube, and on other leading digital video platforms like Dailymotion, Digivibe and Vuclip. The audio format will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Gaana, MixRadio and others.

The company had been working on the channel for almost a year now and actively began creating the content for the channel from April this year. The channel contains in-house produced audio content combined with animated characters designed by Bombay Design House. The content will be in form of nursery rhymes, moral stories and educational features. Some of the artistes who have worked on the project include Sreejoni Nag, Anish Sharma and Sahana Kakatol. It will be a mix of traditional nursery rhymes and original compositions. Peekaboo introduced a set of animated characters, 'The Dubby Dubs', a gang of seven friends who recreate nursery rhymes for kids.

Rajshri Entertainment Private Limited MD and CEO Rajjat A Barjatya, "Music and kids are the two popular categories on YouTube which drive tremendous consumption on the platform. Thus, it was ideal for us to launch 'Peekaboo' targeting both the categories."

Keeping in mind the promotion plan for the channel, he added, "We want most of the people to find out our content through search. Our aim is to make our content searchable and discoverable. We will be doing a good mix of traditional and digital PR."

He further added, "We look at it as a high quality destination, ever attempted in India. I wanted it be best in the world not just in India."

Kid's category already has lot of competition in the digital space. He stated, "Despite a lot of competition, there are some areas which are yet to be tapped." Rajshri is a not the only company that went live on Children's Day with it kid's channel. Music label Sony Music also unveiled their channel 'MadStuffWithRob' on the same day. But the content for both the channels is different.

'MadStuffWithRob' is about art and craft whilst 'Peekaboo' has educational content. Commenting on Sony music's channel, he said, "We have varied content so I hope that we both grow with our respective content." Recently even the music label T- Series had launched an animated kids' channel, 'Kids Hut'.

In future, Rajshri plans to extend the channel with text- it can be in form of text on the video or book /e-book. This extension would reach-out to as "many touch-points as possible."