| 08 Feb 2023
Qyuki creator Aabha Hanjura presents 'Khanmoej Koor'

MUMBAI: Aabha Hanjura, an award-winning singer, live performer, composer and songwriter who seeks her inspiration from the deeply embedded Sufi influence in the Valley of Kashmir launches her latest single, Khanmoej Koor, in collaboration with Qyuki. The track is from her forthcoming album titled Aabha Hanjura and the Sound Of Kashmir, a popular melancholic piece sung at most Kashmiri weddings. The song has been written by Lt Nazir Das, a poet from Kashmir.

Aabha's music is a unique mix of fresh modern and compelling vintage influences that render a matchless sound, which has a universal appeal.

Watch the song below:

Khanmoej Koor by Aabha Hanjura captures the anxiety in the bride’s mind as she nervously embarks on the journey to her new home. Its features her shyly imploring her brother to bid her adieu as she takes the long walk towards a new life, her feet, and soul burdened by the weight of memories. Aabha Hanjura’s Kashmiri Folk Ensemble a live project which features authentic Kashmiri instruments like the Rabab, Santoor, Kashmiri Saarangi and the percussion instruments such as the Tumbaknari, alongside a LIVE band that creates a unique sound for the audience.

Sharing about Khanmoej Koor, Aabha says, “Khanmoej Koor is a deeply personal song for me and while it’s ready to release I can’t help but feel that with this track, I will be baring a part of my soul for the world to see, while this is an artist’s job, it’s a bittersweet feeling. Everything about the song and the video is a page from my own life.”

Sharing about the track and the album, Qyuki Chief Operating Officer Sagar Gokhale shares, “Aabha is such a unique talent with a definitive voice and style, that resonates with the art form and the soundscape of Kashmir so beautifully. We are proud to power her journey and hope this track strikes a great chord with the audience.”

Over the years, Aabha has enthralled audiences with her concerts across India. An eclectic live performer, Aabha castes a spell on the audience with her inimitable ardor and breathtaking energy.  She is the founder and the frontwoman of India's popular Sufi, Folk rock ensemble, Sophistication.