| 16 Aug 2022
Qyuki achieves new milestone; crosses 5 billion views

MUMBAI: The immense potential in the digital space triggered into the launch of various entities cashing out on the opportunities in the field of entertainment. Launched not more than four years ago, digital broadcast network and talent agency - Qyuki - has been aggressively creating content beyond the mainstream spectrum of entertainment. The unique strategy of partnering with creators versus 'owned and operated' channel approach has now helped Qyuki in achieving a new milestone. The entity has crossed 5 billion views across YouTube and Facebook on 2 May.

The magnitude of achievement does not stop there. In the YouTube's fastest growing list, Qyuki stars- music outfit 'Sanam' and the prank group 'Funk You' have been listed on position 1 and position 3, respectively.

Co-founder and MD of Qyuki, Samir Bangara, believes the popularity of 'Sanam' does not come as a surprise to anybody, however, the band's association with Qyuki surely fueled its presence further. "Sanam had
100,000 subscribers on these platforms. In 2016, as of now, the number has risen to almost 700,000 subscribers," explained Bangara, who explains music would continue to be a major focus for Qyuki, considering how the genre of entertainment has domination on the consumption front.

Surprised with the growth of the genre of 'prank' and the channel 'Funk You', Bangara assured Qyuki will continue to push the boundaries and experiment in order to get deeper in the other forms of entertainment. "In Funk You's case, we have observed how pranks (although a subset of comedy) manage to cross language barriers. The genre isn't time sensitive, so any prank would continue to stay relevant even five years from now," added Bangara. The statistic of amassing 5.6 million fans in ten months act as a proof to Bangara's claims. On the bigger picture, Bangara said, “We are building a new form of a media conglomerate that can power creators with technology, production and marketing across multiple platforms and genres in order to build business models that begin on digital but spread across TV, Live and Theatrical”

The conclusion is fair, and the approach seemed well-calculated. Brands like Coca-Cola, Olx, VW, Moneycontrol and Mercedes have invested significantly in Qyuki, and the association further reflects Qyuki's commercial growth. In comedy, the content cannot travel beyond a particular set of audience. Players like Qyuki do provide a platform for the talents to express themselves, although the technology is the 'kingmaker' to the king, that is, the content.