MUMBAI: Planet Alert is a mega movement for a planet in peril, bonding leading decision-makers, academicians, corporate houses, celebrities, non-government organizations and environmental leaders under one roof to offer solutions on the rising impact of climate change on a long term and sustained basis. This year long endeavour will comprise of a series of activities as film show casing, concert, green marathons, youth programs, radio campaign and corporate conferences.

Alert Ambassador of Planet Alert, Rahul Bose says, When I was offered the role of the ambassador for Planet Alert I readily agreed. I believe climate change is going to be the root cause of many problems that are and will increasingly affect us whether it is the availability of water, the cars we drive, the crops we grow or the village we live in. It is a problem that social activists cannot begin to make a difference unless Indians, rich or poor, realise we will lose heavily in the near future if we don't act now. Planet Alert recognises this. It has brought industry, environmental activists, professional bodies and the youth together. It's a wonderful initiative that the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is fronting. The time for a second Green Revolution is now....

In a mission to create a nationwide movement, a celebrity promo film has been created to offer basic solutions on how the common man can contribute to combat this increasing problem and collectively be part of the solution. Eminent personalities such as Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pachauri, Rahul Bose, Boman Irani, Neha Dhupia, Vinay Pathak, Dia Mirza, Arbaaz Khan, Purab Kohli among others have pledged their support and contributed to this film. The film is based on the theme of reverse psychology and produced by First and Ten Productions, headed by eminent Bollywood director Rajeev Virani. Edits of the film will be showcased on OOH Media and shortly. Suneeta Rao has also released the Planet Alert Theme Song �Vaada Karo' which will be featured in several modules of the campaign.

Sahil Bhagat, Convenor of Planet Alert says, India is one of the world's largest democracies, and hence we play an important role in propagating sustainable development. India has truly built its own path by integrating its cultures and traditions with modern technology. We have topped the Greendex survey this year among 17 countries for having the most environmentally sustainable consumption.

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