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Interviews |  13 Jul 2011 16:42 |  By Poonam

RJ Salil & Archana: 'Best interview of Kasa Kai Mumbai was with Lataji'

Hosted by full of joie-de-vivre RJ Salil and vivacious RJ Archana, Radio City's prime time morning slot show Kasa Kai Mumbai has completed two glorious years. With its music, celebrity interviews, and contests, Kasa Kai Mumbai packs an infotainment punch for its listeners every morning 7-11 am from Monday- Saturday.

Known to be the Face of Radio City, RJ Salil and  RJ Archana have been in the industry for several years now and share great chemistry on-air keeping the listeners hooked with their witty and intelligent conversation. In a candid interview with Poonam Ahuja the energetic duo revealed their funny side jesting wit and humor, and relived the memories of Kasa Kai Mumbai in the bygone years.


�Kasa Kai Mumbai' has completed two glorious years. How has the journey been so far?

RJ Archana: It feels like yesterday that we got together for the first show. The memory is so fresh. But in one word it has been an enriching roller coaster ride.

RJ Salil: It has been an exhilarating experience. It has been a rediscovery of Mumbai, that I didn't know as a performer and I feel it has given me a new lease of life. I want to thank Kasa Kai Mumbai for bringing me back.

Describe �Kasa Kai Mumbai' in one word?

A:...MASALA BOLLYWOOD FILLUM... Ismey masaley hain!

S: It is very hard to describe it in one word because of the reach of the show, the variety that we offer in the show and the complexities that a double jock show brings with it. Keeping that in mind, I must say �entertaining'.

How difficult is it to run a prime slot show and maintain healthy competition with other radio shows of the morning bands?

A: It is extremely tough to maintain a unique attitude despite similar topics that we cover as morning �newsy' shows. The most crucial of all is the presence of mind that is needed to cover topics that will interest the listeners and then get relevant guests for the show.

Any innovations that you would like to introduce in the format of the show?

A: I would like to host the show live from the streets of Mumbai that will make us the Visual... jockeys. It would be super cool!

What is the USP of your show?

A: Jugalbandee...! The morning served with the Head (Salil) and the Heart (Archana). A conversing, fighting, arguing, discussing, couple on radio works magic, if the chemistry is just right.

S: Archana and I - The very fact that there are always two perspectives most often than not these perspectives differ massively from each other. I think that is what adds to the chemistry, spice and the rationality of the show.

Where do you see �Kasa Kai Mumbai' in the next two years?

A: Our show reaches out in the US. I am sure there would be other countries wanting to hear us too. But frankly, the kind of love and response that Mumbaikars give us is incomparable to anything else.

Express your perspectives on the changing scenario of Mumbai City (could also be social issues that you cover in the show).

A: I see Mumbai in the wee hours and am over whelmed with the amount of work our BMC workers do. I have discovered that they work in the night also and the city never use to be this clean. . I just hope that we as responsible citizens stop littering from our cars.

S: It is depressing at times because I can see more chaos and more confusion rather than an organized state of affairs. I don't support these numerous hunger strikes, dharnas, morchas and rabbles. I do believe we are an intelligent race and there is always a solution to everything albeit not the most popular one. The day the state can make hard decisions irrespective of whether it's a popular one, that is the day Mumbai will move forward.

Going down the memory lane…

Most hilarious moment: When the most troublesome Machchar was interviewed on our show . . . yes you heard it right, our producer played a machchar and spoke like how a machchar would have spoken.

The best interview of the show: Lata Mangeshkar, when she came to our studio after 20 years of NO radio interviews! The Legend that she is, is so apt for her! Her memory, her presence of mind, her playfulness, the sparkle in her eyes and the smile.

Most memorable moment of the show: When Pritam da composed a song for Kasa kai Mumbai and asked us �Is this tune familiar'.

Best Contest on-air: Becho Contest - ABC Contest. Its all about Mumbai and it gives Mumbai all it wants!

Best on-ground promotion: City ka Nashtaa. We distributed Dabba with breakfast packed into it! Trying to promote good health.

Best media campaign: Our pictures were on Taxi's and we were called Mumbai's �Do Dost'. We posed with the Koli Fisherwomen, the train bhajan mandlee and the kaalee-peelee taxi walla's.

Best social campaign: Dil to Bachcha Hai Ji! When the city kids who are always burdened with the pressure of bringing higher marks, were committing suicide, we took it up on us to awaken the parents to stop focusing on marks and overall grooming of kids.

Who better than Salil- Archana could host �Kasa Kai Mumbai'?

We are extremely protective about our show and would not let anybody host it.

Rate each other as RJ on a scale of 10.

A: Salil ten tenna ten

S: I would give Archanaa - 8/10, two less points because she is incomplete without me.