| 27 Nov 2022
Guwahati's Radio GupShup gears for programming revamp beginning with Sundays

MUMBAI: Guwahati based Radio GupShup is gearing up for a programming overhaul in the next couple of months. The radio station, run by Purvy Broadcasts Pvt Ltd, is upping the ante by revamping its entire Sunday programming line up from 1 July 2016.

With the radio space hotting up in the north eastern city, radio stations appear to be pulling up their socks. Big FM and Red FM along with Radio Misty are already operational in the city, while Radio Mirchi made an entry last month, as part of its phase III launches.

GupShup has toyed with alterations in its programming in the past as well. Says GupShup vice president Amit Pandya, "As there are three other national channels in Guwahati- Red FM, Big FM, Radio Mirchi out of which, Mirchi has recently launched. GupShup being the only local radio channel in the region, we have to come up with new programming and innovative strategies for our radio station to tackle the stiff competition. Besides, being a local station, we lack national support which the other stations have."

GupShup, which claims to be the only 24 hours FM station in Guwahati, has changed the entire Sunday schedule and inserted new shows. The morning devotional-show 'Moksham' that goes on air from 5-7 am gets replaced by another show 'Bhokti-Rokh', albeit with the same content. There will be back-to-back songs played at this time.

The 7-9 am slot runs ‘Ganor –Rodali’ that play continuous old songs will be replaced by ‘Sunday-Hangover’ and deliver retro hits of Hindi and Assamese movies.

The show ‘Top 30’ hosted by RJ Zara that used to air twice on Sundays- from 9-11 am and 5-8 pm will now be on air only once - in the 5-8 pm slot without any RJ hosting it. RJ Megha will take up the9-11 am slot with a brand new show ‘Kisu Mitha-Kisu Kotha' where she will interact with local celebrities and their family members.

‘Bollybaaz’ will substitute ‘Mujhe Kuch Banna Hai’, which was hosted by all the radio jockeys of the station at 12-2 pm, where they would interview inspirational Assamese citizens. The new show will deal entirely with gossip related to Bollywood and RJ Riyaaz will anchor the show.

The 2-5 pm show 'Baaton-Baaton Mein' will be a replacement for ‘Back-To-Back Music’ show. ‘Baaton-Baaton Mein’ will cover incidents, facts, and trivia about movies, legends of Bollywood with their voice bytes. RJ Zara is in charge of the show.

‘Moments’- the 8 pm to 12 am show, based on life’s journeys, remains untouched, the only change being that RJ Ritu will host the show in place of RJ Riyaaz.