| 26 Feb 2020
25 Feb 2020

Hello FM- fastest growing FM station in Tamil Nadu

MUMBAI: Hello FM, a private radio station located in Tamil Nadu is now the No. 1 FM station in the state. The station which started in the year 2006 has now garnered 61.84 lakh listeners.

24 Feb 2020

I think only thing that's required of radio...

MUMBAI: Third edition of The Radio Festival which was held on February 13, 2020, did witness many biggies from the radio industry who shared their

29 Oct 2008

DNA Networks MD T Venkat Vardhan - Live entertainment is still not a priority industry in our economy

T Venkat Vardhan started DNA Networks in India over 20 years ago, when ground events in the country – fashion shows and sports events mainly, catered to small city based audiences. Started with a vision to provide solutions and a platform to successfully conduct an event on a scale akin to those in overseas markets, the company has come a long way, responsible for bringing in international artistes of repute to Indian shores.

In a chat with, T Venkat Vardhan talks about the live entertainment scenario in the country.

18 Oct 2008

INX Media head of music and ent. channels Vikas Varma - We have invaded the GEC space

Having completed one musical year, 9XM has occupied the number one position in the music channel category in the country. If we go by the TAM data last week, the channel has occupied the ninth position in the General Entertainment Category. In a conversation with's Anita Iyer, INX Media's Head of Music and Entertainment Channels Vikas Varma speaks about the channel's positioning, experimenting with animated characters, it's no- VJs stance and plans for the year ahead.

16 Oct 2008

Red FM COO Abraham Thomas - Our focus now is to look beyond radio

'Ram blesses Red FM Mumbai with 52 weeks at the top! Condolences to all the others who tried! Bajaate Raho!' went the cocky text message sent out soon after TAM's radio monitoring service confirmed 10 days ago that the station had stayed top of the heap in Mumbai in the last one year.

08 Oct 2008

Chennai Live station head Prem Kumar - Chennai Live talks to the cosmopolitan Chennaite

Chennai's newest station – Chennai Live, floated by the Muthoot Group, positions itself as a 'talk station' and claims to have a format that is completely different from all other radio stations in India.' s Tarachand Wanvari had an interaction with its Chennai station head Prem Kumar. A mechanical engineer with a management degree in marketing management and a career spanning nearly one and a half decades, Kumar is a strategist in establishing businesses, brand management, product management, advertising, sales and e-commerce.

24 Sep 2008

AIR DG G Jayalal - We don't believe in sensationalising news

All India Radio is older than independent India. The service that began formally in 1936 had a network of six stations by 1947, a rate of growth that the public broadcaster kept up over the decades 

Being the first radio broadcaster of the country had made AIR the leader for many years. However, with stiff competition coming in due to the entry of private broadcasters, AIR appears to be losing steam.

09 Sep 2008

Aditya Music MD Umesh Gupta - The film music market in Andhra is too huge to sustain non film albums

It's a relative newcomer that stepped into the south Indian music market in the late 1990s. Aditya Music has today become the king of Tollywood, creating a niche for itself in the Telugu music industry. The label now plans to venture into other south Indian markets. Aditya Music's managing director Umesh Gupta discusses the industry, piracy issues and future prospects of the company in conversation with's Anita Iyer.

How has the journey of Aditya Music thus far been?

02 Sep 2008

Radio Mirchi CEO Prashant Panday - We will carry out the fight against piracy on our own

In association with sibling Mirchi Movies, Radio Mirchi has launched its maiden CSR initiative 'Listen to my movie'. The forthcoming children's film �Hari Puttar' will be the first film to be converted into an audio film, an initiative that will help the visually challenge to enjoy the movie as well.

This week, Mirchi also announced that its recent launches have broken even operationally.

18 Aug 2008

Radio City CEO Apurva Purohit - We are at a good number two position across the country

Radio City is enjoying the second position among FM stations in the country, according to RAM data, and seems to be comfortable with itself. After changing the content in Mumbai; Radio City recently gave its Delhi station a makeover.

Anushree Bhattacharyya, in conversation with Radio City CEO Apurva Purohit, finds out more about Radio City's different positioning.



12 Aug 2008

Friends FM business head Amritendu Roy - Today we are known as a brand in itself

It's been a year and three months since Friends FM launched in Kolkata, and the station has stuck to its initial premise - of harping on the chord of nostalgia that the average Kolkatan treasures. RAM, that recently launched in the city, has affirmed Friends' belief - it has been adjudged the leader in the SEC AB, 20+, Male/Female TG consistently over the past several weeks. The station has now broadened it's base and plans to induce more trials for the station.

05 Aug 2008

I-Rock founder Farhad Wadia - Every band that was unknown has become a big name after playing at I-Rock

Independence Rock, arguably the oldest rock festival in the country, has been around for 23 years, becoming larger with each passing year. The fest added Bangalore and Delhi to its roster in 2007, and this year has brought Pune and Kolkata under its ambit. But, in the long innings, how has this festival helped improve the Rock Scene in India? What are the issues that need to be addressed to encourage rock bands and bring the genre to the mainstream?